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New developments

Every day recumbent riders all over the world add thousands of miles riding experience to our bicycles. We do highly regard their experience, impressions and comments to design and improve modern bicycle concepts and accessories. On this page we keep you informed about the latest developments.

October 2018

NEW: Scorpion Design and Standard Colours

HP Velotechnik - recumbent trike Scorpion fs 26

Starting into the 2019 season, the new HP Velotechnik design concept brings more vitality to the Scorpion-Family. From October 2018, dynamic graphics, frame protectors, and a black anodised boom with a lasered scale will be shipping. Our 3D-badge with frame number is a further practical design element within view of the rider.

Many new standard colours and options give an exciting accent to our multi-faceted option program. Custom colors are still available to those who wish a further individual touch to their HP Velotechnik product.


NEW: Shimano STEPS pedelec options

Electric motor Shimano STEPS 8000 on recumbent trike

From October 2018 we will expand our range of Shimano STEPS pedelec systems with the top model E8000. The powerful, well modulated motor with its torque of up to 70 Nm can be ordered as an option for all our tricycles (not for Scorpion fs 26 S-Pedelec).

As standard, we combine the STEPS E8000 system with an electronic Shimano XT Di2 derailleur with 11 gears, the easy-to-read E6100 display and the new 418 Wh battery. For all those who are looking for a particularly low-maintenance drive, we additionally offer the Shimano STEPS E8000 system with the mechanical Rohloff Speedhub 14-speed hub gear.

There are also news in the comfort area. From February 2019 we will install the new Shimano STEPS E5000 system with SRAM X4 drivetrain or with proven Nexus Di2 gear hub with automatic transmission. The new motor impresses with its slim design, quiet running and pleasant power development (at 40 Nm). The system is combined with the new 418 Wh battery.

Until the beginning of February 2019, we will continue to supply the Shimnao STEPS E6002 system with Nexus Di2 including automatic function and actual 400 Wh battery. This system can now also be ordered with the "light offroad" engine profile at no extra charge.


NEW: Shimano STEPS battery as required

The expansion of our range of STEPS systems also includes the battery. From October we offer the new 418 Wh Li-Ion battery as standard and the range enhancing 504 Wh version as an option incl. a more powerful charger). Both variants use an identical housing.

In addition, from October 2018 we will offer our proven dual battery system for the new Shimano STEPS systems. The batteries mounted on both sides of the trikes double the range and provide a low centre of gravity. The active battery is placed in the mount connected to the system, while the unused secondary battery remains safely in the transport mount on the other side of the trike.

We offer the additional battery exclusively in the 504 Wh version to maximize the range. The two-battery system is available as an option for new trikes as well as a retrofit for future trikes with the 2019 battery versions. Trikes equipped with 2017/18 Shimano STEPS 6000/6002 systems cannot be retrofitted.


NEW: GO SwissDrive CanBus-System

The GO SwissDrive CanBus system, which is already installed (edit: in a first step for the European market only due to legal conditions) since May 2018 in the Scorpion fs 26 S-Pedelec, is a convincing improvement. With the new model year, this new development is now also available for 25 km/h systems.

The most important innovations are the completely revised temperature control, which leads to a higher range on the mountain, as well as the noticeably reduced pedaling resistance when exceeding the maximum support speed. The system update is rounded off by an increased recuperation power of up to 200 W, which, together with the new Li-Ion battery with a capacity of 636 Wh, provides a strong increase in range.

Additional functions further increase user comfort: The boost function ensures a lively start regardless of the set support level, and extended display functions facilitate readability by increasing the display of the driving values if desired.


NEW: AXA frame lock with optional chain

From October 2018 we offer a practical safety system for all our tricycles (standard equipment for Scorpion fs 26 S-Pedelec). The reliable AXA frame lock is available as an option for new bicycles, but also for retrofitting to existing vehicles.

Additional security is provided by the AXA chain with loops that can be combined with the frame lock. The 100 cm light chain also fits into our practical Microbag for the BodyLink seat.

July 2018

Gekko 26 – The Entry into the HP Velotechnik Trikes!

HP Velotechnik - Low price recumbent trike Gekko 26

This model follows the credo of "keep it simple" and will be especially attractive to customers who wish a quality starting-level trike without confusing options variety and the resulting price.

The non-folding Gekko 26 is available in Lime Green with the faster 26" rear wheel, and a MRSP of only 1.990 €. Outstanding parts such as hydraulic brakes, adjustable mesh seat, and a 10-year guaranteed alloy frame rounds out this exceptional package.

With the highest seating position in the Gekko family, a moderate bottom bracket height, and the typical, precise handling of a Gekko guarantees a successful entrance into the HP Velotechnik trike experience.

In contrast to the vast options available to our other trikes, the Gekko 26 comes with Sram X4 24 gears with twist-shifters, Shimano hydraulic brakes (160 mm brake disks), and wheels with Schwalbe Streetcruiser tires. Also available are some upgrades such as fenders, mirrors, or headrest.

May 2018

The updated Scorpion fs 26 S-Pedelec

HP Velotechnik Scorpion fs 26 S-Pedelec

Our Scorpion fs 26 S-Pedelec had already during the running season received significant changes, which gave it the appearance of a motor vehicle! The most noticeable change was the requirement of a turn indicator, which allows the rider to indicate a turn even at high speeds while keeping their hands on the handle bars.

A further safety improvement is the mandated horn which can warm other traffic a fast-moving vehicle is approaching. The brake fluid level can now be externally determined with the mandatory viewing port found on the brake reservoir on the brake lever. An important safety feature not to be overlooked!

For the first time on a Scorpion fs 26 S-Pedelec, a basic anti-theft device is included in the form of an AXA lock on the rear wheel which can also be combined with an AXA chain lock

August 2017

Shifting Perspectives: Pinion C1.12 for all Models

HP Velotechnik - Streetmachine Gte boom with Pinion C1.12

"Light, compact, worry-free" – Pinions C-Line is now offered by HP Velotechnik! A recurring wish from our customers and dealers: The C1.12 transmission shifting system for all two- and three-wheelers. The enclosed shifting system is a dream for everyone who rides a lot: robust and low-maintenance. The Kriftel engineers had to improve the chain management, as well. In order to reduce the immense chain force over the 4-meter chain, the transmission receives a special HP Velotechnik chain ring as well as an extra-large cog on the rear hub. HP Velotechnik also developed a special quiet chain tensioner for an efficient and quiet ride.

With a development of 600%, the Pinion an optimal companion for every recumbent and can be combined with the whisper-quiet hub motor from Go SwissDrive, allowing shifting even while stopped. A retrofit kit is also available for either two- or three-wheelers so even older models can enjoy the latest transmission technology which will be available from November 2017.


Problem free turns for tricycles

HP Velotechnik - turn indicator for cycles

The world premier from HP Velotechnik: The special bicycle manufacturer presents the "WingBling" being the first German manufacturer accepted by the German Department of Motor Vehicles available for all trikes with e-drive.

Traffic safety for bicycles in 2018 means: For bicycles to be seen in even thicker traffic, the rider must do something. Many bicycle riders have waited a long time for a special innovation: the turn indicator for cycles leaving hands on the handlebar when indicating a turn or lane change. As the first German bicycle manufacturer, HP Velotechnik presents a world premiere with a turn indication system that meets the changed German Road Regulations from June. Our turn indicators are available starting in November 2017 as option for Gekkos and Scorpions with e-drives and as a retrofit kit for pedelecs already on the road, or with a 6V, 12V, or 36V power source.


Gekko Concept 3.2 (available in USA only!)

Our newest model is ready for the US market: the non-folding Gekko 26 starting at MSRP $ 1,890. This all new model and two updated ones join the US Gekko family – not only combining HP Velotechnik quality with an attractive price, but also giving customers two feature-packed setup levels to choose from. To top it all off and set customers smiling and riding as soon as possible, we will keep these US models ready for immediate shipping!

Gekko 26

The Gekko is the first trike from HP Velotechnik with the new corporate design: black anodized boom, 3D Metal badge, black wheels (custom models) and décor.

The new Gekko Concept 3.2 for the US market:

  • 3 different models (Gekko fx 20, Gekko fx 26, Gekko 26)
  • 2 Component Groups to choose from (Sport or Performance)
  • hydraulic disk brakes for all component groups
  • barend shifters for Performance group
  • new color Lime Green for Gekko 26 (second color option: Deep Blue)
  • additional ready-to-ship accessories (rear racks, mudguards, handrests etc)

The newest addition – the Gekko 26 – is a lighter, non-folding 26" frame with a slightly higher seating position. A perfect fit for either the newcomer to the recumbent scene or someone looking for a comfortable entry and exit.


Shimano STEPS Retrofit at HP Velotechnik (available in Europe only!)

HP Velotechnik Scorpion boom with Shimano STEPS e-drive

Starting with the new price list in November, HP Velotechnik is offering a retrofit service for all HP Velotechnik trikes with a new Shimano STEPS system – allowing to enjoy all the advantages of the powerful middle motor on your current trike. Also, if someone is not certain when they purchase their trike, it is not necessary to decide right now anymore. Besides that a more powerful headlight, 140 Lux B&M IQ-X, is an option for all Shimano STEPS orders starting with the new price list. The retrofit will only be done at HP Velotechnik in Kriftel ensuring that the EU guidelines are implemented.


Rechargeable Headlight and Taillight Busch & Mü:ller Eyro

Light is now available on HP Velotechnik bicycles without any energy loss due to friction. An USB rechargeable lighting system replaces the friction dynamo becoming the entry level into lighting systems. The Busch & Müller Eyro has a 30 Lux elegant headlight coupled with a battery rear light Toplight Flat S senso. Safety on the highest level especially in the dark time of the year!


Sturmey Archer Triple Shift 24 and 27 replaces SRAM DD3

Sturmey Archer Tripleshift/24

The favourite shifting option lives on even through SRAM discontinued the DualDrive production. The combination of a 3-speed internal geared shifting plus derailleurs. The reliable internal gear system from the British pioneers Sturmey Archer allows not only shifts when stopped, but it also expands the range of the derailleur shifting. Either 8 or 9 speed cassettes (SRAM X4, Shimano XT) provide a precision shifting experience through twist or barend shifters.


Two Tone Paint now on Order

Bright or understatement? Starting in November, 2017, mixing and matching colours will be easier than in the past. The majority of models now have the option of two custom colours. A difference is made between main frame and boom/rear triangle.

The well known RAL colours remain the basis for most colour choices (no neon colours). The two-wheelers and Scorpions can have other coloured booms and rear triangles to the main frame.

Please note: The Gekko frame does not allow this option.

  HP Velotechnik Stand-Up Aid

Stand-Up Aids Singles

Up until now, they were only available as a pair. Starting with the new price list in November, they can be ordered for one side. Therefore, the use is now endless: either for their original use, as accessories, or even camera mounts – the stand-up aids have proved their versatility. Available either as an option on a new trike, or as an after-market accessory.


Visibility with a new Flag HP Velotechnik flag

Our flag debuts with a new design. Form and colour have been updated for modern times and offers the best protection in traffic. Large reflective markings on both sides improve visibility and reduce accidents from distracted motorists around parked cars, or tall hedges just to name a few. Either as an option or aftermarket for all recumbents.


SKS Fenders have new Struts

SKS bicycle fenders

The new HP Velotechnik design goes even further! Elegant and modern fenders bring long-lasting protection to our bike. All black design including the struts provide both an optical and function improvement. These new fenders are available immediately on all bicycles from Kriftel.

August 2016

Shimano STEPS with automatic shifting

HP Velotechnik - Shimano STEPS motor with automatic shifting Shimano STEPS brings two changes to the already comprehensive custom build system from HP Velotechnik: We are for the first time utilizing a motor in the boom through which its transmission provides high power even at low speeds. The second change brings automatic shifting in the form of Shimano's Nexus Di2 internal geared hub. This combination gives riders whom shifting sometimes provides a degree of confusion and irritations; a new opportunity for a stress-free riding experience! Available from November 2016, detailed information on the new automatic STEPS e-drive is provided here.


The Scorpion

HP Velotechnik - Scorpion 2017 The new Scorpion: More dynamic after a radical makeover, the new Scorpion takes to the road following in the footsteps of the original from 2005. A higher bottom bracket (up to 24 cm) improves the aerodynamic seating position while the proven Spaceframe provides an enormous stability boost for dynamite road handling. Charge ahead with the enlarged 26" rear wheel and NoSquat rear suspension with the most aggressive design to date from HP Velotechnik.

The NoSquat rear suspension supports the rider on longer trips as well as in the corners giving them pain-free riding for hours. The proven HP Velotechnik custom options lets this non-foldable trike, as well as all of the other bikes, be customized from a fast randonneur to a race bike on three wheels, with or without an e-drive unit in either of the new standard colours: peeka blue or cosmic grey. Of course, all of the RAL colours are optionally available. Please find more information on the new Scorpion here, in shops and on the streets it can be found from November 2016.


SRAM 30 Speed Shifting

HP Velotechnik Scorpion 2017 with SRAM 30 Speed Shifting Starting in November this year, all non-motorized bicycles (with the exception of the Gekko fxs) can be ordered with a SRAM 30 speed drivetrain including the ergonomic SRAM 500 SL thumb shifters and SRAM GX derailleur.

The performance oriented shifting system replaces the Shimano XT 27 speed shifting and is available for two as well as for three-wheelers. The 10 speed rear cassette (11-36T) allows for a wider range of gears and an easier ride on the climbs.


Optional Schwalbe Kojak Tires

HP Velotechnik Scorpion 2017 with Schwalbe Kojak tires Exclusive for trikes if the SRAM 30 option is chosen: All three wheelers (except for the Gekko fxs) can have an extra performance upgrade. The lightning quick Schwalbe Kojak tires are available with wheels complete with black spokes.


B&M IQ-X headlight

Headlight IQ-X from Busch und Müller The darkest time of the year will now become the brightest! We are replacing the SON Edelux II with the newest from B&M and offering this light as an upgrade to the E-drive battery light and SON generator hub options.

Due to technical reasons the IQ-X light option with Shimano STEPS e-bike system features 80 lux output, the IQ-X option for SON generator hubs does 100 lux, whereas the IQ-X option with Go SwissDrive offers a massive 140 lux output. All versions have a wide and balanced light cone.


Go SwissDrive Display Options

Mount for Go SwissDrive display at end of handlebar Also starting in November 2016 is the option to be able to choose between two different positions for the display when ordering the Go SwissDrive package (except for Gekko fxs). Sideview is the name of the display position beside the handlebar whereas Topview is found at the end of the handlebar.

The remote control remains ergonomically placed beside the shifters for ease of use. Only when the one hand option is choosen does the remote move down to the Sideview, due to technical reasons, below the display. Good news for all Go SwissDrive users: the Topview position can be easily converted from your EVO colour display's present position.


Wire extension set for Go SwissDrive double battery setup

Wire extension set for e-drive Go SwissDrive Our double battery option is the easiest way of mounting two batteries on a trike as well as being an innovation in the bicycle market. Starting in November, we are including with all Scorpion double battery orders, a wire extension set.

This set eases the switch between the two batteries. The improvement is available for all BMZ battery systems from HP Velotechnik and can be added to systems already on the road.


The Mud Defender for the Scorpion fs 26 Enduro

Mud guard for offroad trike Scorpion fs 26 Enduro Scorpion fs 26 Enduro means pure fun riding off-roads. Up until now, the rider has been more or less unprotected from the dirt and mud that the MTB tires throw forward during the ride.

With the new mud guard, which fits to both seat models, gives a new level of comfort to off-road riding. This option is available when purchasing an Enduro, and it is an aftermarket product that can be purchased at any time in the future


Upper Body and Hip Belt for all Gekko Models and ErgoMesh Seats

Comfort and ability accessories: special belt for stability on recumbent trike seats For special requirements when a rider needs more support on a trike, this belt provides an innovative and trusted solution.

The elaborate padded belt system allows both the angle and position to be adjusted with a simple rachet to fit to different body sizes as well as the rider's personal preference. The belt can be used either just for the hips, upper body, or both at the same time. The systems are available starting in November either with a new trike or as an aftermarket purchase.


Double Brake Adapter

Double Brake Adapter for one hand operation of brake levers A practical solution for a nagging problem: two brake levers controlling two separate brake systems can now be placed beside each other and operated with one hand.

Starting in November, 2016 as stardard with all one hand operation options or available as an aftermarket kit for almost all brake levers.


AirZound XL – extra loud, extra light

Air pressure horn AirZound XL Back to the future – with this motto the new AirZound XL presents itself with a lighter, quieter and pressure resistant plastic air resevoir.

The universally attachable horn unit has an adjustable loudness (to 115 dbA), and the filling valve remained unchanged.

August 2015

Gekko fxs

HP Velotechnik - Gekko fxs How many bikes does a child need as it grows up? We at HP Velotechnik give a simple answer: just one! Our newest addition to the Gekko model family, the Gekko fxs, can also grow. Thanks to the new Triple-Vario design, the trike can be adapted for riders between 1,15 m to 1,80 m (3'09" to 5'11") with just a few simple adjustments. As well as the frame being extendible at two different places, the comfortable OrthoFlex mesh seat has been given a dose of growth hormone by our passionate engineers. Since the Gekko fxs stands solidly on three wheels it provides maximum safety also for riders who feel uncertain or have balance problems.


Scorpion fx

HP Velotechnik - Scorpion fx The re-design and new positioning of the Scorpion fx solidifies HP Velotechnik presence in the tour trike segment: The totally new chassis resulted from our engineers' experiences with our Speed-Pedelecs. A significantly stiffer frame, better power transmission, and a higher maximum payload without an increase in weight once again defines HP Velotechnik's leading position in the trike market. Our spaceframe technology gives the Scorpion fx a more elegant appearance. Convince yourself!

August 2014

Scorpion plus 20 und Scorpion plus 26

HP Velotechnik - Scorpion plus 20 and Scorpion plus 26 Higher, wider, more comfortable – the all new Scorpion plus 20 and Scorpion plus 26 are raising the bar! The high seating position offers an almost perfect overview whereas the comfortable, wide chassis stands for a plus in driving stability. The Scorpion plus 20 convinces with its compact 20"-rear wheel as a welcome basis for users with special needs, the Scorpion plus 26 does the same as a versatile travel trike with S.U.V. genes.
A plus-concept which adds to success: the Eurobike Award judging panel were absolutely convinced by the innovations and the outstanding quality of our Scorpion plus 20. Thus it joins the ranks of our highly successful trikes.


Gekko fx 26

HP Velotechnik Gekko fx 26 The all new Gekko fx 26 newly defines the ascent to the 26"-class. Foldable in seconds, with a lively handling performance, suitability for every day use and built in driving pleasure. With the current Gekko-family we offer a matching no-suspension trike for every occasion.


HP Velotechnik hand rest

HP Velotechnik hand rest A real increase in comfort for all trike drivers. The hands steer lightly without having to support the weights of the lower arm. The comfortably padded hand rests can be individually adjusted in all angles and inclinations. Also available with a possibility to fixate the lower arm, especially useful for one hand driving solutions. The easy access function allows an swift insertion of a motion impaired lower arm. Through the fixation the arm is moved along during steering movements and his hence mobilized. Already from October 2014 we offer the hand rest with or without fixation strap as an option or as an accessory.


HP Velotechnik walking aid mount

HP Velotechnik walking aid mount Easy insertion, safe transport and fast removal of walking aids. Our new walking aid mount makes it possible. The practical fastener adjusts seamlessly to diameters from 20 – 30 mm (0.78 – 1.18"). HP Velotechnik's stainless steel clip fixates the walking aid and releases it with a non-fumbling one hand operation again. Possible to attach to ErgoMesh and BodyLink seats from October 2014.


HP Velotechnik pedal with heel strap

HP Velotechnik pedal with heel strap The pedal with heel strap is the alternative for those who do not want or are not able to use clipless system pedals. Easy entry with any kind of shoe through the automatically self-righting positioning. One hand tightening allows for safe and efficient pedalling. One grasp is enough to release the shoe again when needed. From October 2014 as an option or as a retrofit set.


HP Velotechnik Ergo-Pedal

HP Velotechnik Ergo-Pedal Especially for users with functional impairments of feet and lower legs we have developed our new Ergo-pedal in two versions (ergonomic safety pedal and ergonomic pedal with lower leg fixation). Both versions allow a simultaneous active and passive movement and hence can mobilise with every turn of the crank.

Entry into the pedal is especially easy and does not require demanding insertion procedures. The innovative large one-hand hook-and-loop fasteners with an inbuilt steel spring ensure an up to now unknown level of comfort when inserting the shoe into the individually adjustable support plate. As an additional bonus in terms of comfort and safety the Ergo-pedal is combined with an SPD®-pedal. This means pedalling is easy on the joints and offers real emergency exit options. The version with a lower leg fixation add support and fixation possibilities to the easy entry function. This version does not rely on an SPD®-pedal for stability reasons.

Both versions of the pedal are available from November 2014 as an option or as retro-fit accessories for all our trikes (not for Scorpion fs 26 S-Pedelec)


HP Velotechnik folding-stand for trikes

HP Velotechnik folding-stand for trikes Secure support is provided by the new folding-stand. It enables safe transport, sound storage and protects the front chainwheels and/or the ramming protection. Especially for trikes with an electric motor and a 26" rear wheel a lot of the extra weight can come to rest on the front depending on the folding position. For all our trikes with electric motor and 26" rear wheel we included the extra folding standard as standard issue. For all other HP Velotechnik trikes (not for the Gekko fx series!) we offer the extra folding stand as an option or an accessory.


B&M: brake light for hub dynamo lighting systems

Make a mark in hectic urban traffic. With the the B&M rear light with included brake light function you will be noticed while driving and following traffic will be alerted on braking - a real plus in safety, especially during the darker seasons. Without surcharge as standard issue on all HP Velotechnik vehicles with hub dynamo lighting systems from November 2014.


AirZound 4: with a plus in power

AirZound 4 The 4th stage in the evolution of the AirZound with a new, sturdy pressure flask made from aluminium for a plus in maximum pressure and usable airvolume. Filled up to 7 bar (101.5 psi) the practical compressed air horn can deliver up to 50 blasts. As before the blast volume can be adjusted between 30 and 115 dB. To be attached to all common handlebar standards. A real safety plus in the urban traffic jungle.
Available from January 2015.

February 2014

Streamer for the Scorpion fs 26 S-Pedelec

Scorpion fs 26 S-Pedelec mit Streamer Our versatile Streamer fairing is now officially approved by German technical authorities (aka. TÜV) for the use with our fast Scorpion fs 26 S-Pedelec (up to 45 km/h / 28 mph). To get this approval the fairing has to withstand extreme tests that you would expect for a highspeed motorcycle fairing only. Think of a 2,3 kg / 5 lbs. iron ball hammering down from 4 m / 12 ft. height on the Streamers surface at a test temperature of -20 °C / -4 °F and you have an idea what we are talking about.

What might feel a little overdone on the first glance provides an extra safety benefit to your consumers even under severe conditions. The Streamer goes with any of our models and features reflective elements for extra visibility, an adjustable mounting hardware and a roll up flexibility for easy storing away.

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