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panorama 26 inch rear wheel trike recumbent scorpion plus 26
26 zoll dreirad trike für senioren scorpion plus 26
panorama komfort trike dreirad erwachsene scorpion plus 26
panorama komfort trike liegerad dreirad scorpion plus 26

The Trike with SUV Genes

Higher, Wider, More Comfortable – a Vehicle for All Purposes

No matter where you want to go: Your Scorpion plus 26 will take you there. A trip into the countryside, a long-distance journey or into town – with this versatile SUV-trike you will attract attention everywhere. The genes of this recumbent trike combine convenience and safety with maximum riding pleasure. On request, of course, also as a version with an electric motor! In every detail, you will find some extra-plus. So we equipped, for example, one of our electric motors with a reverse gear to make turning maneuvers just as easy as possible!

Higher, wider, more comfortable: The designers at HP Velotechnik have applied what the SUV-class makes up to the construction of trikes. While situating you on this high seated vehicle, we want you to have an excellent overview in almost every situation. A seat height of 57 centimeters (22.5″) is a unique highlight for this type of bike.

Three Wheels for Epicures

Experience Dynamic Trike Culture from a High Seat

Boarding – as easy as never before! Thanks to the wider frame, it has never been easier to enter a trike. The wide construction achieves an impressive tilting stability. Experience the dynamic culture of the chassis of the Scorpion fs-class up close and in harmony with the reliable performance of this SUV trike. The DNA of the “Generation Plus” will guarantee a highly refined pleasure of riding.

The goal when enhancing the Scorpion-class was to build a trike with a high seat position. The high seat guarantees an excellent overview of traffic. It eases mounting in a way that wasn’t achieved before with trikes of this design. But it is up to you: If you like to change your Scorpion into a racy speedster, it will take only a few seconds. Just open three quick-release levers, take down the ErgoMesh seat – and install the sporty hardshell seat!

Accessories that make sense: Scorpion plus – that means a “Plus” of comfort in either way. Whereas others have to clutch the handlebars, you can depose your arm smoothly on the hand rests – and look forward to a relaxed performance. Or try our pedals with heel strap and foot clamp, which will make cleat-based pedal systems obsolete. Your feet will stay super reliable in the pedal – by using your everyday footwear!