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The Perfect Blend of Riding Dynamics, Elegance and Comfort

Scorpion series – Comfortably Suspended Recumbent Trikes from HP Velotechnik.

Your latest passion? Carving bends. You’re right on track: Take a seat on the suspended recumbent trikes of the Scorpion series. Sit back and relax. Put your feet up. Enjoy the spectacular views.

Then push the pedals and accelerate dynamically. Whether on long tour and travel or in the city as a commuter vehicle or even off-road – ahead lies total riding pleasure!

The daily grind is yesterday news

Time for More Pleasure in Life!

The next adventure is closer than you think. Your Scorpion trike will take you there!

Easy-to-access, back-friendly seat, both front wheels always in view. Add to that the impressively solid road holding even with lots of luggage. Your suspended Scorpion trike will be happy to lure you on an extra tour.

The agile suspended trikes combine innovative recumbent technology, the finest materials and a long heritage of trike building craftsmanship by the expert engineers at HP Velotechnik.

You're Right on Track Here!

The Scorpion Trikes from HP Velotechnik Offer Ultimate Riding Fun and Freedom

Within the current Scorpion trike family, you will find your personal favorite with ease. Whatever your pace, whatever your style! The team of expert engineers at HP Velotechnik created eight different models to offer you the entire world of premium trikes that match virtually any activity you can even think of – from epic rides to daily commuting, E-Trike rides, off-road fun, special needs or sportive challenges, you name it.

Every Scorpion is hand-built to order by dedicated technicians in HP Velotechnik’s workshop in Kriftel near Frankfurt, Germany. In addition to this website, you will find detailed information in our catalogs and online configurator. For competent advice and extensive test rides, your HP Velotechnik dealer looks forward to your visit!

On the road in style!

The Scorpion with Powerful Electric Drive

Take advantage of the benefits of the Scorpion E-Trikes!

It is a great feeling to be able to call up a portion of extra power at any time. If you are interested in electric assist, you will always make an excellent choice with a Scorpion E-Trike.

Whether automatic gear changing, dual batteries, electric reverse gear, or adapted support for rehab use: We can equip every model with electric drive up to 25 km/h (16 mph). For US customers, we can even speed up our trikes with 26″ rear wheel up to 32 km (20 mph). With the fast Scorpion fs 26 S-Pedelec you can even accelerate up to 45 km/h (USA: 28 mph). Depending on your requirements, you can choose between STEPS bottom bracket motors from Shimano or whisper-quiet rear wheel motors from neodrives.

You always benefit from the advantages of the Scorpion E-Trikes: impressive driving dynamics and full stability at a standstill. Well-balanced weight distribution, large batteries with a low center of gravity under the seat. Full luggage capacity and a plus in range due to the streamlined, energy-saving seating position.

Powerful electric drives, sophisticated chassis, and impressively solid road-holding: on the Scorpion, you will discover ultimate driving pleasure in every curve and every turn!

Check out our Scorpion catalog as well!

You will find all details about the Scorpion series in our detailed and richly illustrated Scorpion tricycle catalog. In addition, you will read lots of background information about our suspended recumbent trikes and exciting reports about trike tours all over the world.

Even now you have the choice with us: Browse here online on our website. Or request your copy in high-quality printing form by post. So you can comfortably recline at home on your sofa and start discovering the world of recumbent bicycles – without obligation and completely free of charge.

Do you want to read more?

Check out our Scorpion catalog as well!

In our detailed Scorpion tricycle catalog, you can read all the details about the fast suspended recumbent trikes and exciting adventures of riders on a trike.

Request your copy in a high-quality printing form right away. So you can comfortably recline at home on your sofa and start discovering the world of recumbent bicycles – without obligation and completely free of charge.

Discover the Whole Variety of Our Recumbents!

Recumbent bikes & trikes with two or three wheels with practical accessories: HP Velotechnik is for you!