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Luggage & Transport

These Accessories Turn Your Recumbent Into a Pack Mule

Optional features for true individuals: Our modular system enables us to build your recumbent bike or trike to meet your needs and desires. A whole range of reliable features and components is available for your two- or three-wheeler recumbent, all of which have been specially developed to excel in everyday use.

Possibilities for the transport of luggage and utensils are listed here. Turn your recumbent into a pack mule with these options – in everyday life, on leisure tours or on long journeys.

Fahrrad Gepäckträger Luggage Rack Liegerad Recumbent

Luggage Rack - Bicycles

For all three two-wheel recumbent bike models we build specially shaped racks from high-strength aluminium tubing with 2 mm thick walls and a diameter of 12 mm. This means that your luggage is fully suspended, which allows for optimum suspension performance and at the same time protects the material. The construction offers plenty of space for your equipment and gives the panniers a secure hold with the side bars. Intelligently integrated: A protective bar for your rear light and a flag holder.

Lowrider - Bicycles

With the option Lowrider you can store even more luggage. The low mounted construction not only provides a low centre of gravity, but also ensures impressive riding characteristics under full load. On the Streetmachine Gte it also offers the ideal position for mounting the side stand. Otherwise we use the Esge Comp Zoom from Pletscher on the rear end of the Streetmachine and Grasshopper fx; on the Speedmachine we use the Esge Zoom on the middle section.

Fahrrad Gepäckträger Liegerad Bicycle Luggage Rack Recumbent Lowrider
Gepäckträger Liegedreirad Tricycle Recumbent Trike Luggage Rack

Luggage Rack - Tricycles

The stable rear rack for two panniers up to 25 kg (55 lbs) load is optimal for the high lateral forces when riding a tricycle. Your panniers ride low and close to the rider, next to the rear wheel. Advantage of the Scorpion series with the smaller 20-inch rear wheel as well as the Gekko series: The platform for larger panniers is integrated above the rear wheel. The rack is made of aluminum in 10 mm (Gekko), 12 / 10 mm (Scorpion models 20 inch) or 14 mm (Scorpion models 26 inch) tubing with black powder coating.

Top Load Rack

You also want to load the Scorpions with the large 26-inch rear wheel? No problem. With the Top Load attachment it’s so easy. With this platform solution mounted to the basic rear rack, you can store up to 10 kilos (22 lbs) – and your tent or a basket rides along with the best suspension.

Plattform Gepäckträger Liegerad Recumbent Trike Platform Luggage Rack Top Load
Liegedreirad Trike Recumbent Tricicle Gepäckträger Luggage Rack Lowrider

Lowrider - Tricycles

Ideal for heavy loads: The Scorpion fx as well as the Scorpion plus 20 and Scorpion plus 26 can have an additional Lowrider carrier for up to two additional bags (up to 25 kg / 55 lbs) which can be mounted on the carrier. This allows the center of gravity to move a little lower and improves road performance even more.

Side Bag Mount

The universal side bag holder Side Bag Mount fits small bags as well as a variety of different attachments with up to 5 kg (11 lbs) payload. This ranges from waterproof handlebar bags such as those from Ortlieb to drink holders. The black anodized aluminum tube with 22 mm diameter can be attached to the ErgoMesh seat as well as the seats of the Gekko series in various positions.

Side Bag Mount Taschen- und Zubehörhalter
Liegerad Tasche Gepäck Recumbent Bicycle Bag Luggage Microbag


For the BodyLink seat: The Microbag is a great bag for the little tour. It offers one liter (61 CUI) of storage space for the important little things in life. When you remove the sturdy bag made of reinforced Cordura® from the seat, it transforms into a practical hip bag thanks to the supplied elastic strap. (For 26 inch models of the Scorpion series partly not applicable or only limited use)

Add-on bags

The practical Add-on bags can be attached to all Ergo Mesh Premium seats as well as the new ErgoMesh ’22 and Gekko seats starting season 2022. The optional pair of bags includes a closed pocket for small everyday items, as well as an airy mesh-equipped pocket. The latter one can hold your rain cover or similar small items especially when they are wet. Both bags boast water protected zippers and have a volume of about 1.4 liters.

Recumbent Seat Liegeradsitz Gepaecktaschen Add-on Bags Pockets
Trinkflaschenhalter Water Bottle Set Fahrrad Liegerad Recumbent Bicycle

Water Bottle Set

Space on your bike is valuable: the water bottle set leaves you more space in your panniers. It is mounted within reach at the rear of the seat, double function of the double holder: you can also place the horn AirZound there. With its up to 115 dB, it even wakes up sleepy truck drivers.

Universal Mount for Accessories (TopView)

Everything in view and always within easy reach: The Universal Mount is the most practical answer to the question: Where do I put my mobile phone on the trike? Simply fasten the handlebar holder of your mobile phone, GPS device or other digital helper on the black anodized holder (approx. 7 cm / 2.75″ long, 22 mm / 0.86″ tube diameter) above the handlebar end.

Universalhalter fuer Zubehoer Universal Mount for Accessories
Zubehör Accessories Universalhalter Universal Mount T-Bar

Universal Mount for Accessories (T-Bar)

For gears with twist shifters, we offer the Universal Mount for mounting on the end of the handlebar.

Speedometer Mount

The small version for the front: With the easy-to-fasten speedometer mount for computers, you ensure tidy conditions on the bottom bracket. So you always have your speedometer in front at the wheel in view. Also ideal for plug-in battery lights.

Computerhalter Speedometer Mount Fahrrad Liegerad Recumbent Bicycle Trike

All Parts. All Bikes and Trikes. The Complete Accessories.

Our retail price list gives you a complete overview of our offered product range. Listed here are all HP Velotechnik recumbents – two-wheel bikes and three-wheel trikes – as well as our complete assortment of spare parts and recumbent bike accessories.

HP Velotechnik retail price list

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