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ErgoMesh Premium Seat

The Best of Two Worlds

+++++ Available as an option when buying a new bike and now also for retrofitting to your existing HP Velotechnik model (except Gekko family) +++++

The new premium version of the ErgoMesh seat: the most flexible invitation to remain seated for another round you can get.

A comfortable seat is a major advantage of a recumbent. Recumbent riders who rave about their bike or trike will tell upright bicycle riders who suffer from permanent pressure points when sitting, about two unbeatable benefits: comfortable seating and back-friendly ergonomics. For exactly this reason, HP Velotechnik gives top priority to the design of the seat as the central contact point between rider and bike.

New materials and new processes enable our developers to create a design that is unique in many ways. It combines the best of two worlds: the ergonomically adjustable fit of a partially flexible hard shell seat with the airy comfort of a mesh seat.

For the first time in recumbent mesh seat design, the ErgoMesh Premium allows the angle of inclination of the seat and backrest to be adjusted independently. The frame is made of high-strength aluminum tubes and gives the Premium seat its unmistakably defined contour.

For outstanding comfort, the ErgoMesh Premium combines a unique material mix of six different woven and knitted fabrics. This makes the seat both highly breathable and comfortable.

In addition, it is highly adjustable: Eight tension straps in combination with four OrthoFlex® pads that can be individually positioned make ErgoMesh Premium your personal invitation to take a perfect seat. The ErgoMesh Premium is also available as a 5 cm (2″) wider XL version and each with 11 cm (4.3″) more seat height than the HS version.

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Main Features of the ErgoMesh Premium Seat

Liegerad-Sitz Recumbent Seat ErgoMesh Premium Gestell Frame

Seat with contour

The aluminum frame (6061 T6) with its elaborately shaped 3D outline defines a new standard for recumbent seats. The design challenge that the engineers faced is outstanding: The front edge of a recumbent seat has to fulfil two seemingly contradictory tasks: It must provide firm support to the front, but at the same time offer comfortable freedom of movement for the thighs when pedalling. The ErgoMesh Premium comes with a perfect shape for maximum support.

Unique: Seat-O-Flex

The Seat-O-Flex joint is the linchpin for your best possible comfort, for it allows to adjust the seat and backrest independently of each other. Adjusting the angle of the seat as a whole is already common with the standard ErgoMesh: The rider can choose either the aerodynamic reclining position or the upright position for a wider field of vision.
But the rigid overall construction also means: in a very upright position it offers less support to the front, and at a very flat angle some people feel pressure from the front edge of the seat. Enjoy the new freedom with the Seat-O-Flex technology in the ErgoMesh Premium seat and find out how much difference 14 degrees backrest angle can make.

Liegeradsitz Recumbent Seat ErgoMesh Premium Falttrick Folding Function
Recumbent Seat Liegeradsitz ErgoMesh Premium Detail Mesh Cushion Polster

Multi section design

In order to provide optimum support for the back and buttocks, the ErgoMesh Premium seat is divided into eight large cushion zones. The individual sections are separated by ventilation channels. The structure combines aesthetics and functionality by providing the greatest possible air supply precisely in those areas where the body sweats most.

Premium upholstery

The construction of the ErgoMesh Premium seat is characterized by a complex material mix. The seats made of simple foam used on some recumbents can sometimes offer a pleasantly cushiony feeling during the first seat test – but usually they prove to be too soft on long rides and leave the pedalist in his own sweat.
The ErgoMesh Premium on the other hand is multi-layered. After intensive testing, our developers have tailored a multi-layer structure to the frame: Over a wide-meshed nylon fabric, two different strong spacer fabrics ensure very high breathability while at the same time providing excellent cushioning and a firm support for your back.
Recumbent Seat Liegeradsitz ErgoMesh Premium Detail Netzgewebe Fabric
Recumbent Seat Liegeradsitz ErgoMesh Premium Detail OrthoFlex Padding

Integrated OrthoFlex® technology

Two slide-in pockets on the edge of the seat and two on the backrest are upholstered with padding elements made of highly breathable material. HP Velotechnik first introduced this technology with the Gekko fxs under the name OrthoFlex®. It ensures maximum flexibility for the individual adjustment of the ErgoMesh Premium in order to support every body as best as possible at crucial points.
The removable pads can be positioned according to your needs within the pockets. The basic adjustment is surprisingly simple: take a seat, open the pockets, push the OrthoFlex® pads against the back, close the pockets and off you go!

Small is beautiful

You have two options for transporting the bike in the car: You can leave the seat on the trike and, after releasing a quick release, simply fold it forward – this will make your trike nice and flat. If you want to transport the trike folded, remove the seat.
And you also have the choice: With the seat folded, the ErgoMesh Premium becomes short and compact. But it can also be fully opened. With a height of 16 cm (6.3″), the flat stretched seat leaves plenty of room in your car for beautiful bicycles and your luggage.

Recumbent Seat Liegeradsitz ErgoMesh Premium folded gefaltet
Recumbent Seat ErgoMesh Premium Luggage Pockets

Integrated pockets

A beautiful back can also be delightful. At HP Velotechnik it can do much more! We have equipped the ErgoMesh Premium seat with two removable, functional luggage pockets as an option. Separated neatly, they accommodate the optional seat rain cover as well as the small everyday items.
Both bags are made of water-repellent Cordura® and have a protected zip. They each offer a pack content of 1.4 litres. The left pocket for the protective cover has an airy mesh fabric on the side, so that the contents can start to dry while you continue
your journey.

Easy Seat-mounting

The mounting on the trike is done with the proven 3-point mounting system from HP Velotechnik. The ingenious design of the seat mounts allows the seat angle to be infinitely adjusted in seconds. All you have to do to fix the desired position is to close three quick releases.
An additional advantage of the 3-point mounting by HP Velotechnik is that you can interchange ErgoMesh Premium, ErgoMesh and BodyLink as you wish.

Recumbent Seat Liegeradsitz ErgoMesh Premium Mounts Sitzbleche
Recumbent Seat Liegeradsitz ErgoMesh Premium foldable mount

Foldable seat mount

Details make the difference, as a glance at the upper seat mount on the ErgoMesh Premium shows: In contrast to the classic ErgoMesh seat and BodyLink, the mount with its characteristic long slits can be folded away flat. This makes transport easier and saves space.

Show your colours

The seat is flag-ready. With the optional flag as passive safety equipment, you set a clearly visible exclamation mark in traffic.

Recumbent Seat Liegeradsitz ErgoMesh Premium Flag Pole Mount Wimpel-Aufnahme
Recumbent Seat Liegeradsitz ErgoMesh Premium Tension Straps Spanngurte

Under tension

To individually adjust the fit of the seat to your body, you can adjust the tension straps on the ErgoMesh Premium in addition to positioning the OrthoFlex® pads. The back section is equipped with six tension straps, which can be adjusted to be firmer or more flexible in seconds using a ladder buckle. Two more straps are located under the seat.
In order to create the optimal power transmission in the transition from belt system to seat, the extremely resistant material Hypalon® was used, which is otherwise often used in boat building.

Reflective Elements

The extra safety: there are reflective strips on the side of the seat and on the back of the bags, which provide better visibility in the headlights.
Recumbent Seat Liegeradsitz ErgoMesh Premium Reflective Element Reflexelement
Recumbent Seat Liegeradsitz ErgoMesh Premium Headrest Kopfstütze

Optional headrest

A headrest can be mounted on the upper cross brace if desired. The height and inclination of the headrest can be adjusted in a few moments thanks to quick-release levers.

Build My Dream Bike Now!

Fast, convenient, and informative: Selecting the components of your trike is easy with our online configurator. With your configuration number, you can edit your saved component choice, print and call your dealer for advice.

Recumbent Seat Liegeradsitz ErgoMesh Premium Backside
Facts and Figures

Specifications & Technical Data

  • Regular: 63 cm (24.8")
  • XL and HS XL: 66 cm (26")
  • Regular: 24 cm (9.4")
  • XL and HS XL: 27 cm (10.1")
  • Regular: 41 cm (16.1")
  • XL and HS XL: 46 cm (18.1")

11 cm (4.3") raised seating position

  • Back rest: 14°
  • Seat pan: 11°
6061 T6 Aluminum

68 x 41 x 24 cm
(26.8" x 16.1" x 9.4")

89 x 41 x 16 cm
(35" x 18.1" x 6.3")
2 x 1,4 liter (86 CUI)
Try it yourself!

At your HP Velotechnik dealer, you can experience the highest seating comfort up close and personal.

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