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10 years warranty

Our Extended Warranty for Your Recumbent Bike or Trike

As a purchaser of a new HP Velotechnik recumbent, you can obtain a 10 year warranty on the frame. Please register within 4 weeks after purchase with HP Velotechnik. An warranty registration form is attached to the operating manual, alternatively you can download the form here. The warranty conditions printed in the instruction manual originally supplied with your bike apply.

Good to know

This is important for your 10-Year Warranty

Your dealer has to fully set up and adjust your HP Velotechnik recumbent bike or trike, so that safe function is guaranteed. The dealer has to make a final safety check and carry out a test ride.

Legally, your dealer is obliged to ensure, among other things, that your cycle is not affected by defects, which materially diminish its value of suitability for the described purpose. The exact details will vary according to your country. In Germany, this liability ends two years after purchase of your new recumbent bike or trike.

In addition to this, HP Velotechnik offers a 10-year warranty on the frame of the recumbent bike/trike against damage through material or manufacturing defects. This warranty applies only to the original purchaser.

Damage trough wear and tear, corrosion, or damage at the surface coating is excluded. Damage through inappropriate use, inadequate care, and maintenance, falls, crashes, overloading through excess weight, incorrect assembly, or modifications to the trike is also not covered. The onus rests with the purchaser. The warranty is void if any of the instructions in the manual are neglected.

The warranty starts with the date of purchase (see invoice of the dealer) of a new cycle. The warranty is processed via the dealer who ordered the cycle from HP Velotechnik.

In case of damage the dealer has to send the cleaned, damaged frame to HP Velotechnik so that we can check it if asked to do so by us.

In case of a damage covered by this warranty, we will replace or repair the damaged part with a part of our choice or a new part equal to the old one (warranty obligation). We do not cover any transport, labour or any secondary costs. No worn-out parts will be replaced or any inspection carried out under warranty.

In the event of any action that falls under warranty the original warranty period will not be prolonged and no new warranty will be given. If HP Velotechnik refuses to count a repair as a warranty case, we will only repair charging costs after having talked to the customer or his representative, the respective dealer.

It is necessary for the purchaser to fill in the warranty registration form attached to the manual to benefit from the extended warranty. This filled in form has to be sent to HP Velotechnik within 4 weeks after the purchase.

The warranty is only valid when the warranty pass at the end of the manual has been filled in when you received your trike and when every inspection listed has been done and recorded by your bicycle mechanic within the described schedule.

In the event of any warranty claim, the warranty pass, together with a copy of the proof of purchase has to be sent to HP Velotechnik through your dealer.

This warranty does not have any influence on the rights of the purchaser according to his statutory rights.