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Discover More from Globetrotters and Everyday Cyclists

Our Customers: Recumbent Adventures and Travel Reports

A large number of our customers are not only actively on the road with their recumbent, but also on the internet. In their blogs and vlogs, we’re there at first hand – whether it’s traveling to faraway countries or just adventures right beyond the doorstep. Discover more about globetrotters and everyday cyclists on recumbents by HP Velotechnik:

Pages in German:

    • Maria Jeanne Dompierre: the “Liegeradfrau”
      An enthusiastic recumbent cyclist writes about her experiences – especially with an electrified Scorpion fs 20. In the meantime the “Liegeradfrau” serves many not only as a classical personal blog, but has established itself as a thematically broadly diversified information portal.
    • Klaus Dapp: Liegevelo
      Klaus Dapp from Darmstadt reports about his tours and everyday experiences with the Grasshopper fx. He regularly visits trade fairs such as the special bicycle fair (SPEZI) in Germersheim or the Eurobike and reports on the latest developments in two wheel recumbents. He also writes at first hand about HP’s headquarters in Kriftel.
    • Fredy Artho: Liegeradblog
      “It’s the ideal touring bike for us.” After long research and test rides, Fredy and his wife Barbara decided in 2013 for their very first big bike trip not for the classic Streetmachine Gte, but two Grasshopper fx – and have not regretted it until today, as the reports about their following trips show.
    • Oliver Brandmüller: Sysadminbybike
      Oliver Brandmüller from Berlin is blogging about his tours with the Speedmachine. Even though the good piece already lists 2008 on the birth certificate, the two are quite sporty on the road, but enjoyment and experience are anything but in last place.
    • Klaus Vock: Radfahrlust
      The Scorpion rider Klaus Vock was not only enthusiastic about his tricycle, but also, as an MS sufferer, about the newly gained quality of life. He wanted to share this experience with others affected by illness and physical limitations. The result was a self-aid group, which we, together with other manufacturers, are happy to support in organizing a large cycling tour year in year out.
    • Bruno Schmidt: ALS – Bruno’s Challenge
      The road bike enthusiast from Linnich was diagnosed the disease ALS, which became known through the “Ice Bucket Challenge”. On the racing bike he fought against the disease – for himself and for others. When this was no longer possible due to the progressive disease, he took up the challenge with one of our Scorpions. Unfortunately, cycling is no longer possible at all anymore, but his commitment to ALS sufferers remains unbroken.
    • Daniela und Stephan: Liegebummler
      In December 2014, the two travellers from Munich set off for New Zealand and gradually explored the globe from there. Base: each a Streetmachine Gte.

International Pages:

    • Matthew Galat: JaYoe! (English)
      Matt reports almost daily in Vlog articles about the adventures on his continuing world tour, but also about everyday events and curiosities in his adopted home China. Of course, his lovingly called “Tiger Duck” Scorpion fs 20 is always present.
    • Sylvia Halpern: Travels By Trike (English)
      “Myrtle the Turtle” is what Sylvia calls her Scorpion fs 20, which has accompanied her on many wonderful journeys. As a renowned expert, she not only reports on it on her blog, but also provides valuable tips and tricks.
    • Robin Mégret und Arlen Détraz with Firmin Manoury: Hello Bike World (French / English)
      Three friends on probably the journey of their lives: From Switzerland it leads more than 25.000 km to Malaysia, Robin and Arlen, each with a Scorpion fs 20 as their ride. Even before the start of the tour the trio was already raving with amazing videos and great sense of humour.
    • Manu & Alana: DAN Europe Sustainable Tour (English)
      The young energetic couple has toured Europe in 2021 promoting sustainable practices to protect our environment and oceans. With their Scorpion fs 26 Enduro they not only have fun off-road, but also use it quite practical for commuting. During their tour, they visited various HP Velotechik dealers.
    • Eva Pfarrwaller: Next Stop: Where? (Multilingual)
      The Swiss rider with her Streetmachine Gte and her partner, the Portuguese Miguel Anjo, who is also a recumbent enthusiast, has no fixed destination.
    • William Cortvriendt: Trike Asylum (English)
      The medic William Cortvriendt reports about his experiences as a trike driver. The website also gives asylum to a number of other trikers, so you can find plenty of material to browse through here.
    • Deb Wellwood: Raven Ecological Blog (English)
      “I’m a wildlife ecologist, naturalist, and carnivore specialist; science educator, writer, and blogger; adventurer; and cook”, that’s how Deb describes herself. No need to add “recumbent cyclist”, her Streetmachine Gte accompanies her faithfully and persistently anyway.
    • Paul Doffing: Freedom From Fuel Tour (English and musically)
      The biking musician must be able to rely on his fingers when he performs with his guitar. But thanks to his Streetmachine Gte numb fingers are fortunately passé.
    • Matthew Hopkins: The Road of Little Miracles (English)
      Matthew has collected a profusion of impressions and experiences over 41,622 kilometres with his Streetmachine Gte.
    • Agence Future
      The fascinating history of an expedition around the globe in search of the future has given rise to an organization that initiates interdisciplinary projects worldwide.

No longer actively maintained:

    • Lars Reisberg: Speedmachineadventures
      A guy from Hamburg, a recumbent bike and a lot to tell. Tour reports from Canada, Sweden, Portugal and the little joys of the day with the Speedmachine.
    • Redtoyz / Speedmachine (English)
      The American Bill Boltralik introduces his hobbies: His red Speedmachine, but also hovercrafting, helicopter flying and much more.

Other useful links (info pages, associations, etc.):

    • HPV Deutschland
      The website of Human Powered Vehicles Deutschland e.V., the German roof association for muscle-powered vehicles. Lots of information about recumbents, detailed link list, hints about the German HPV mailing list.
    • Laidback Bike Report
      Monthly video webcasts about recumbents. The team around founder Gary Solomon presents novelties and reports from fairs and events not only in the USA, but also e.g. from the special bicycle fair SPEZI.
    • Liegeradmagazin
      Information and news about recumbents, trikes and velomobiles.
    • aktivRadfahren
      aktiv Radfahren – the magazine for leisure cyclists and cycling enthusiasts. With tests, service, shopping advice, bike tours and more!