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touring with recumbent bicycle grasshopper fx
panorama faltbares trekkingrad touren-liegerad grasshopper fx

Take a Ride on the Green Side

A Tour with the Grasshopper FX Unfolds Pure Riding Pleasure

Time for refreshing new perspectives. The Grasshopper fx brings actio into the bike world. For a long time cycling primarily meant one thing: hump up and step down. Your Grasshopper fx accelerates forwrd, suspends downwards – and folds to the side.

Whether on the train, in the car or in your home, the compact trekking recumbent bike from HP Velotechnik will gladly make itself small. With a packing size from 96 × 50 × 70 cm (37.8 x 19.7 x 27.6″) and a weight from 15.2 kg (33,5 lbs), the quickly folded bicycle quickly finds safe shelter. Out on the road, your Grasshopper fx unfolds pure driving pleasure.

You do not want to miss out. Who likes riding upright against the wind, anyway? Your Grasshopper fx glides smoothly like an arrow on the street. Off-road 11 cm ( 4.3″) of suspension travel handle roughnesses with ease. Meanwhile, you enjoy panoramic views!

Grasshopper fx

Small Package. Great Ride!

Tempting! This fancy machine invides you out for a ride. Take a seat; you immediately feel comfortable. Rest your feet easily on the pedals. With a few powerful pedal strokes you will accelerate unusually fast. It is not like anything you have experienced before, but after a few minutes, you are getting the hang of it. You begin to feel confident and in control. Now you test its agility. You notice how relaxed you are and how smooth the road feels. You notice how relaxed you are and how smooth the road feels. You begin to apreciate the wide screen panoramic view while riding. Laid-back and absolutely enjoying it!

A space saving miracle. With its two smooth running 20″ wheels, the Grasshopper fx is also the most compact model in our recumbent bike range. Fully unfolded this bike has a length of 1.60 m (5’3″) – shorter than your old upright bike! The medium seat height of 54 cm (21.3″) makes the Grasshopper fx perfect also for smaller riders: You have agoodoverview in traffic and can put your feet down safely at traffic lights. And if you fancy an e-bike, you can order our electric assist system to help you along.