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Cut Through the Air!

Streamer Weather Protection Bike Fairing: Efficiency Rules!

Want to go faster, further and with less effort? Stay warm and dry in cold weather? A recumbent bike or trike gives you a serious aerodynamic advantage, but you can get even more benefit by using a well designed front fairing.

The Streamer front fairing from HP Velotechnik will fit almost any recumbent and many tricycles. It is guaranteed to improve your riding comfort and efficiency, protects you from the elements and helps you slip through the air with minimum effort. And it looks great!

Constructed from strong, see-through plastic with unique lightweight aluminum mounting hardware, the weather protection fairing gets its strength from good design and the use of high-tech materials. The Streamer is easy to fit and removable in seconds for transportation or storage.

Weight windscreen ………….. 1450 g

Standard mount ………………… 985 g

Length ………………………….. 1000 mm

Width ……………………………… 550 mm

Material ……………………… clear PETG

speed trike dreirad scorpion fs 26 wetterschutz streamer front fairing Click to enlarge

A single quick release lever releases the windshield and supporting stays, leaving two discreet brackets mounted on the frame. The windshield can then be rolled up for traveling.

The Streamer is a highly efficient teardrop shape that offers a minimal frontal area and directs air gently around your body without blasting it into your face. The greatest benefits are felt at higher speeds, so that the faster you go, the more benefit you get, but even at a cruising speed of 15 km/h (10 mph) there is a noticeable decrease in wind drag.

The effect of headwinds is greatly reduced and side winds are felt as almost beneficial. The aerodynamic advantage of the fairing depends on the position of fairing, rider and bike as well as on clothing. Carry out a test ride before purchase on your bike to find out your specific benefit.

Due to its open shape, riding with the Streamer is extremely silent, avoiding any ‘rolling thunder’.

The Streamer is ideal for commuters as it makes cold weather cycling much more comfortable and enjoyable. The shelter it offers means that you can be warm without having to wear layers of bulky clothing. Rain is deflected from half of the body, so waterproof trousers and shoes are no longer necessary. The effect is to prolong the comfortable riding season to almost the entire year. Weather that would keep you hiding indoors becomes an invitation to ride!

The Streamer fairing makes you stand out from the crowd and makes you become more visible at night. Included with the Streamer, you’ll receive a mount to hang your front light so that it shines from underneath the fairing. Alternatively, we offer a Streamer version with a hole for your front light.

The windshield gets most of its strength from its shape but complete rigidity is ensured by a pair of channel section aluminium spars which are located on widthways by strips of velcro. This mounting system means there is no drilling needed in the fairing, eliminating a potential breaking point. It also makes the fairing easy to take off for transportation.

Because of the rigidity of this system, the plastic screen can be made very thin but does not vibrate, rattle or transmit any road noise. In normal use the windshield is almost indestructible, it will withstand severe knocks and even modest dropping without breaking. Abrasion can lead to scratching of the surface but this in no way affects its functionality as the rider is always looking over the top edge. The windscreen comes standard with edging tape all the way round.

The fairing is mounted onto the frame by two fully adjustable struts, the front one mounts under any bottom bracket or sealed bottom brackets tube, and is held by a quick release lever. Our new quickmount strut can be assembled in minutes without opening the bottom bracket bearing. Please note that for a good view over the fairing your crank axle should not be higher than 18 cm (7″) above your seat base. The rear strut is a telescopic pressure fit and mounts onto the main boom of the bike by means of a rubber coated jubilee clip. Because of the positioning of the mounting brackets they are able to take large front or side loads without moving, making a structure that is extremely rigid.

You’ll find extensive test reports in the press reviews.

Improve the look, performance and value of your bike now. Contact your bike dealer to find out how you can become streamlined within minutes!


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