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Günstiges Liegedreirad Gekko 26
Günstiges Liegedreirad Gekko 26
günstiges liegerad dreirad erwachsene affordable recumbent trike Gekko 26

Enjoy Triking the Easy Way

Gekko 26 - the Starter Package for Your New Triker Life

Are you looking for an attractive recumbent trike – without becoming too immersed in all the technical details of the tricycle world? Then our affordable recumbent trike Gekko 26 is a perfect choice: clear lines, raised seating position, no compromises in equipment and easy to buy. And all this at a tempting price!

With the Gekko 26, our engineers have fundamentally re-imagined the tricycle philosophy of HP Velotechnik. The aim was not only to achieve a higher seating position on an affordable laid-back adult trike. Above all, our engineers wanted to implement the typical, sporty and precise driving dynamics of our Tadpole trikes with the two steered front wheels in a very price-sensitive environment. In other words: A great trike also for those who have to work on a tighter budget.

Essentially Focused

Radical Thinking Requires Consistent Concepts

Two essential features are the main reason why the frame construction of HP Velotechnik’s trikes is very labor-intensive: First and foremost the driving characteristics, which are achieved above all by the ingenious geometry of the front wheel steering, and which have a decisive influence on the driving experience. We will not change that! Thus, the Gekko 26 does without our second design refinement: the patented folding technology. In one respect, this even gives you an advantage: the stronger frame can carry up to 150 kg (331 lbs), which is more payload than the foldable models.

Keep it simple. In order to avoid making our entry-level trike a budget buster, we have limited another element of the HP Velotechnik philosophy for the Gekko 26 essentials – our modular system.

You can configure the drivetrain, the brake system and other technical components in several hundred thousand variants of almost all other two- and three-wheelers that we custom-made for you in our recumbent factory in Kriftel, Germany. The option list for the Gekko 26 is concise and convincing.

Ready to Drive!

Practical Equipment Requires No Compromises

Each Gekko 26 is equipped with a fixed, rock-solid component specification. For us, rock-solid means: 27-gear drivetrain with Shimano Deore rear derailleur, hydraulic disc brakes from Shimano, tires from Schwalbe and of course the tried-and-true powder coating.

Handy? Surely! We have many useful and convenient accessories for your Gekko 26. Be it our special carriers, mudguards, headrests or rear-view mirrors and lighting systems – your dealer will be happy to complete your Gekko 26 to satisfy your needs. So you will soon be at the beginning of your beautiful new Triker life!

Clear lines: The solid frame construction of the Gekko 26 combines safe road holding with sporty handling, precise steering, low weight and outstanding acceleration. With the highest sitting position
in the Gekko class, the adjustable handlebars and the elegantly forward-bent frame cross-members positioned
close to the seat this recumbent trike ensures easy entry and exit.

Built-in elegance: The purist look of your Gekko 26 is enhanced by the Flash design, which was specially developed for our frames. The large tubes of the main frame and the strikingly shaped rear section have inspired the design of the graphics: The flash-like design with lighter and darker variations of the basic color makes your Gekko look even more dynamic.

Top Virtues of the Gekko 26

Travel suitability
Everyday strength

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The Details at a Glance

Your affordable recumbent trike Gekko 26 has these technical refinements on board as standard.


Optional Features for True Individuals

Have you got your own notion of your ideal bike technology? Our modular system enables us to build your recumbent tricycle to meet your needs and desires. A whole range of reliable features and components is available for your recumbent trike, all of which have been specially developed to excel in everyday use. Here we show some selected examples; you will find the complete selection in our price lists and catalogs as well as our online configurator.

Exclusive Offers for US Customers​

Our Gekko Models in Sport, Performance and Comfort Setup or as Hand Bike

Smiles for everyone: The US-Edition Gekko models Gekko 26, Gekko fx 20 and Gekko fx 26 not only combine HP Velotechnik quality with an attractive price but also give you several feature-packed setup levels to choose from. To top it all off and set you smiling and riding as soon as possible, we keep these US models ready for immediate shipping with our logistic partners in the USA.

Veterans looking for independence now have a unique choice: They can equip their Gekko fx 26 or Gekko 26 with Hands-On-Cycle. This is the world’s only fully encapsulated hand drive with many more comfort extras. Get in contact with your local VA Medical Center and learn more about possible funding.

Looking for your personal Gekko? No problem! You have the choice of the budget oriented Sport configuration, (Gekko fx 20 and Gekko 26) or for our 26″ models between the Performance configuration and the Comfort configuration. Additionally you can customize your Gekko with comfort or safety equipment such as rear mirrors and mudguards.

The configurations were carefully selected to meet the specific preferences of many American recumbent enthusiasts. For fully customizing your Gekko see what is in store in our current price lists or our online configurator (see below). These customised models you can order straight ahead from our recumbent manufacture in Kriftel.


Build My Dream Bike Now!

Fast, convenient, and informative: Selecting the components of your trike is easy with our online configurator. Choose to your heart’s content from our versatile modular systems!

Facts and Figures

Specifications and Technical Data

The outstanding ride of our entry-level trike is of course based on thoroughly engineered performance technology with precise technical specifications. The detailed figures can be found here in the technical data sheet – from the dimensions to the payload, from the seat height to the appropriate rider size. And of course, we are also happy to show you which colors you can choose for your Gekko 26.

  • Seat height: 38 cm (15")
  • Seat angle: 39–47°
  • Wheel size (front wheel): 20" (ISO 406)
  • Wheel size (rear wheel): 26" (ISO 559)
  • Max. tire width: 5 cm (2")
  • Bottom bracket height: 40 – 49 cm (15" – 19.3")
  • Ground clearance: 18,5 cm (7.3")
  • Wheelbase: 109 cm (42.9")
  • Track width: 78 cm (31")
  • Width: 83 cm (33")
  • Length: 175–210 cm (5'9" – 6'10")
  • Height: 83 cm 32.7"
  • Handlebar width: 58 cm (22.8")
  • Turning circle: 4,70 m (15'5") outward
Preiswertes Liegedreirad Einsteiger-Trike Cheap Recumbent Gekko 26
Standard color: Lime green
  • Bottom bracket standard: BSA 68 mm
  • Weight: from 16,9 kg (37 lbs) incl. pedals
  • Payload: max. 150 kg (330 lbs)
  • Frame material: Aluminum 7005 T6 heat treated
  • Rider height: ca. 1,60 – 2,00 m (5'3"– 6'6")

We are committed to the quality of our products. Therefore we grant a guarantee of 10 years on the frame and the swing arm bearing of our bikes and trikes. For further information, please have a look at our warranty conditions.


Gekko 26 Frequently Asked Questions

Preiswertes Liegedreirad Einsteiger-Trike Cheap Recumbent Gekko 26

The characteristics of our trikes depend on many factors. The wheel size is only one. HP Velotechnik optimized the geometry of each model for specific characteristics (with or without full suspension, foldable or not foldable, small rear wheel or large rear wheel, etc.). A conversion in this area would harm the overall balanced system and thus on the driving characteristics – therefore our trikes are not intended for such a conversion.

In our concept, the specialist trade is the central sales pillar. Our selected and trained specialist dealers can advise you in detail. Above all, however, they offer a promptly available service locally, which we cannot provide within the framework of our manufactory with some production processes planned for the long term. For these reasons we also do not sell directly to the customer at the factory.

The seat frame of the Gekko 26 is an integral part of the frame. In order to make transport as easy as possible, all parts remain on the vehicle. To reduce the loading height, you can fold the seat flat. For that reason, however, it cannot be exchanged.

The Gekko 26 has been optimized on the one hand to offer it at a very competitive price. On the other hand, it should be as light as possible with high frame stiffness at the same time in order to guarantee the highest possible payload. The frame construction chosen for these features does not include a suspension system.

In order to offer the Gekko 26at a lower price than all other trikes from HP Velotechnik, it is built in a fixed configuration. Only a number of carefully defined accessories (such as mudguards, luggage racks or battery-powered lighting) can be installed by your dealer. The factory-fitted electric motor would be too expensive in the price concept intended for the Gekko 26. But you can have your trike, like all other bikes from HP Velotechnik, retrofitted with a motor. For this technically almost new vehicle, we again assume the manufacturer’s warranty.

They Even Have a catalog? This Is Getting Better and Better!

You will find all the details about the Gekko 26 in our detailed and richly illustrated Gekko tricycle catalog. In addition, you will read lots of background information about tricycles for adults and the recumbent bike manufacturer HP Velotechnik.

Even now you have the choice with us: Browse here online on our website. Or request your copy in high-quality printing form by post. So you can comfortably recline at home on your sofa and start discovering the world of recumbent bicycles – without obligation and completely free of charge.

Time to sit back and relax?

They Even Have a catalog? This Is Getting Better and Better!

In our detailed Gekko tricycle catalog, you can read all the details about the Gekko 26 and lots of background information about tricycles for adults from HP Velotechnik.

Request your copy in a high-quality printing form right away. So you can comfortably recline at home on your sofa and start discovering the world of recumbent bicycles – without obligation and completely free of charge.

Picture Gallery

Here You Can Enjoy the Best Views

You will experience the best reasons for one of our recumbents during an extended test ride. On our website, we can only describe to you the incomparable driving feeling. True to the saying “A picture says more than 1000 words” we want to let our affordable recumbent trike Gekko 26 speak for itself.

Move the mouse pointer over the image. Use the magnifying glass symbol to open the picture gallery. Alternatively, you can use the link icon to download photos in high resolution, e.g., as a desktop background – simply right-click after opening the image. You can find more high-resolution pictures in our album about Gekko 26 on Google Photos.

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All Right, Enough Theory, How Do I Get on The Comfortable E-Chopper?

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