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panorama dreirad für senioren scorpion plus 20
panorama versatile recumbent trike scorpion plus 20
panorama dreirad erwachsene senioren behinderte scorpion plus 20
fahrrad dreirad erwachsene faltbar vollgefedert scorpion plus 20

Mobility Without Limits

Scorpion Plus 20: Our Most Versatile Trike to Match All Your Daily Challenges

No matter where you want to go: Your Scorpion plus 20 will take you there. A trip into the countryside, town, or a long-distance journey – with the most convincing comfort-trike you will attract attention everywhere. The genes of this trike combine flexibility and safety with maximum riding pleasure. In every detail, you will find some extra-plus. As an example, we offer one of our electric motors with a reverse gear to make turning maneuvers just as easy as possible – from now on there are no limits left for your mobility!

Higher, wider, more comfortable: The designers at HP Velotechnik have applied what the SUV-class makes up to the construction of trikes. While situating you on this high seated vehicle, we want you to have an excellent overview in almost every situation. A seat height of 57 centimeters (22.5″) is a unique highlight for this kind of trike. One of many plus points for the Scorpion plus 20, which the jury of the Eurobike Award therefore recognized with its coveted prize at the world’s most important bicycle trade fair Eurobike.

Boarding – as Easy as Never Before!

Dynamic Chassis Design with a Great Deal of Comfort

Thanks to the wider frame, it has never been easier to enter a trike. The wide construction achieves an impressive tilting stability. Experience the dynamic culture of the chassis of the Scorpion fs-class up close and in harmony with the reliable performance of this SUV trike. The DNA of the “Generation Plus” will guarantee a highly refined pleasure of riding.

The goal when enhancing the Scorpion-class was to build a trike with a high seat position. The high seat guarantees an excellent overview of traffic. It eases mounting in a way that wasn’t achieved before with trikes of this design. Thereby our engineers optimized the Scorpion plus 20 to provide disabled people with a human-powered vehicle. You just have to mount a few but distinctive accessories.

Accessories that make sense: Scorpion plus – that means a “Plus” of comfort in either way. Whereas others have to clutch the handlebars, you can depose your arm smoothly on the hand rests – and look forward to a relaxed performance. Or try our pedals with heel strap and foot clamp, which will make cleat-based pedal systems obsolete. Your feet will stay super stable in the pedal – by using your everyday footwear!

Maximal comfort is our minimum: In a couple of years, the electric reverse gear for trikes with power assist will be standard most likely. HP Velotechnik is offering this feature already today. For vehicles as stable as our recumbent trikes moving backward is a snap. A small change in design – but a big “Plus” for everyday handling.

The exclusive Plus: The Scorpion plus 20 will desert the SUV genes just in one aspect: In spite of its wide frame it can be folded to convenient dimensions in only one minute. To achieve this, our designers re-engineered the main frame’s patented quick-folding hinge. At the same time, this re-design increased the maximum payload. This means that up to 150 kg of payload is now possible!

Award-Collecting Comfort

Scorpion Plus 20 Stands for Outstanding Recumbent Trike Design

The Eurobike-Award winning recumbent trike Scorpion plus 20 is the third member of the Scorpion family in a row that received this sought-after award for innovative design and outstanding product quality. As in 2012 with the Scorpion fs 26 S-Pedelec and in 2013 at the Scorpion fs 26 Enduro, the jury of specialist journalists, design experts and sports scientists also evaluated aspects such as efficiency, ergonomics, utility value, weight, safety, environmental compatibility and processing.

The backbone of the “Plus”-trikes is the swept-forward frame. Discover the way how the features wider and higher blend in with the practical advantages of this kind of trike: a shorter wheelbase and the 20-inch rear wheel allow in comparison with the “big brother” Scorpion plus 26 a smaller turning circle (minus 60 cm / 24″). Above all the platform rack is to mobilize even bulky loads.

Eurobike Award trike Scorpion plus 20

Curious? At first glance, the Scorpion plus 20 is about ten centimeters (4″) higher and wider than the sporty cousin, the Scorpion fs 20. But the new design now allows far smaller riders with heights from just 1.49 meters (4’11”) to easily mount the comfortable full suspension trikes: Have a seat, turn the pedals, and treat yourself to luxurious comfort.

For experts, the actual design plus becomes clearer on closer inspection: the seat position on this generation plus model appears to be moved forward to the cross frame. In fact, the seat position is further back. This was the key to optimize the center of gravity and enable the high vehicle to achieve its impressive tipping stability.

Dreiräder für Erwachsene: Scorpion plus Serie

Small is beautiful! A smaller rear wheel means a plus of space elsewhere. We are happy to give it to the Scorpion plus 20 so that you can accommodate more luggage with ease. The carrier, specially designed for this model, not only holds four bags of up to 50 kilograms. The rack is also a little wider: You can confidently stack a thicker package on the platform luggage carrier of this trike.

But no matter what you put on your pack mule, you remain flexible. The loads do not get in the way of other accessory parts: whether battery or even double battery, whether water bottles or the unique products from our comfort and rehab accessory line – everything fits!

Top Virtues of the Scorpion Plus 20

Travel suitability
Everyday strength
Unfolding the Joy of Driving

The Scorpion Plus 20 Comes out Big When It Comes to Making Things Small

With the Scorpion plus 20, HP Velotechnik continues the concept of the Scorpion series, which presented a fully suspended trike that can be folded flat for transport without tools. The small rear wheel is excellent for long journeys. You will discover that at once when traveling by train or car. When folded the Scorpion plus 20 is 16 centimeters (6″) smaller compared to his big brother. For a parcel of 81 × 91 × 83 centimeters (32 × 36 × 33″), you will find a place almost everywhere.

By the way, the folding process remains as simple as known from the other members of the Scorpion family: You just have to open up three quick-releases, take off the seat, open the frames safety lock – and then fold the rear end flatly right between the front wheels. Even with the luggage rack and fenders attached, the Scorpion plus 20 can still be folded up without removing the wheels. And the chain? The chain rotates around its axis and otherwise reliably remains where it should be, guided by the flexible chain guard tubes.

The best part: When you unfold the trike, HP Velotechnik’s unique, self-locking folding hinge enables you to turn your excited anticipation into pure riding pleasure quickly!

foldable three wheel recumbent trike scorpion plus 20

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The Details at a Glance

Your Scorpion plus 20 has these technical refinements on board as standard.