Delta tx: Serial Production Started

The first series model of our new electric chopper Delta tx rolled out of production much earlier than planned.

The whole company has been eagerly awaiting this moment for months and everyone has given their best: instead of after the turn of the year as originally planned, we were now able to start production and delivery of the new electric tricycle Delta tx before the start of December! We are particularly proud of our colleagues from “Line 1”, who shared valuable knowledge with our development department directly and in close cooperation during the construction of the first models.

In our home community of Kriftel, Santa Claus himself was one of the very first to enjoy the comfortable tricycle: the practical platform luggage carrier with integrated basket has proven to be extremely practical not only for transporting presents, but even an entire decorated Christmas tree.

delta tx e-chopper dreirad trike weihnachtsmann santa claus

If you would like to find out more about how to separate the Delta tx, check out the related workshop video. Just click on the picture below! Of course, we provide detailed information about our latest model on a dedicated Delta tx product page.

Delta tx video thumbnail web

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