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Exciting Colors, Long Lasting Finish

HP Velotechnik's Frames are Protected with a Top Quality Powder Coating.

The finish of our frames consists of a multi layer powder coating. Not only is the applied powder coating technique extremely durable, it is also environmental friendly as no solvents or overspray can spoil the atmosphere.

First, the frames are sand-blasted for cleaning and then coated with a corrosion protection layer. This layer also ensures a good adhesion between the following paint layers and the frame. Depending on the color shade, this is followed up by one or two color powder layers. Some get their brilliance from a clear powder layer. The powder melts at high temperature in an oven and forms a durable coating, ensuring the long-lasting good looks of your HP Velotechnik bike.

Give your bike a personal look: The frame of your HP Velotechnik recumbent can be finished with a custom color powder coating. You can choose from hundreds of color shades.

farbtabelle color chart farbfächer ral karte 1 Click to enlarge
farbtabelle color chart farbfächer ral karte 2 Click to enlarge

Custom colors and powder coating info

For your order we need the exact RAL color code. On this page you can see an overview of the most common standard RAL colors. As color display on the internet is not standardized and depends on your monitor’s color settings, the shown colors are only an indication. A more precise idea of how the color looks like can be obtained with a printed RAL-color chart. Before ordering, make sure you checked the color shade with a printed RAL-color chart, available at specialized bike shops or paint shops.

Please keep in mind that the color shades can vary due to the production process. This is especially important if you want to combine several components with “similar” colors. We recommend to use contrasting colors rather than matching nearly the same shades.

With some color shades we can not get satisfying, long lasting results although the powder is available on the market. For this reason, we can not offer colors like RAL 1026 Luminous yellow, RAL 2005 Luminous orange, RAL 2007 Luminous bright orange, RAL 3024 Luminous red, RAL 3026 Luminous bright red or RAL 6038 Luminous green.

Ordering custom colors can expand the delivery time, your dealer will keep you up-to-date. The surcharge for special colors can be found in our price lists.