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panorama vollgefedertes 26 zoll speed-trike scorpion fs 26
panorama speed trike vollgefedert faltbar scorpion fs 26

Engineered for the Extraordinary

Scorpion fs 26: Magnificent Trike Design Meets Outstanding Driving Dynamics

Long wheelbase; clear contours; large, smooth-running wheels; elegantly integrated independent suspension: The dynamic appearance of the Scorpion fs 26 leaves a lasting impression.

You don’t need mountain passes, hairpin bends, or race tracks to enjoy the impressive ride dynamics of the Scorpion fs 26. HP Velotechnik’s agile speed trike also demonstrates its strengths when commuting to work or on a leisurely weekend ride.

A glance at the performance data reveals: This vehicle stands for ultimate performance and meets the highest demands for exclusivity and versatility with its unique equipment options. See for yourself by testing the ideal trike for people for whom every day is becoming ever more extraordinary.

The Full Suspension Chassis

Size Matters: A Long Wheelbase for Smooth Trike Rides

Even your first look at the Scorpion fs 26 will get your pulse racing. The powerful 26-inch rear wheel and striking, integrated Mac Pherson suspension make it unmistakably clear: This speed trike is hungry for asphalt and adrenalin!

But the stunning design features also convince with stable road holding and make traversing obstacles extraordinarily smooth.

With the Scorpion fs 26, you have the best equipment for exhilarating trike tours ready to go. The advanced steering geometry (ASG) system enables you to control the trike smoothly and precisely. You benefit from a small turning circle even though the big rear wheel demands for more space in the chassis. The Scorpion fs 26’s long wheelbase also offers a notably smoother ride, more safety, and supreme ride pleasure – size matters!

The entire chassis is designed using our No Squat suspension design and transmits all of your drive energy to the road without any loss of power. In return, you enjoy complete comfort so that you can lean back and relax while dynamically accelerating, even on rocky roads.

Aluminum knuckles

Sandblasted and matt anodized surface Ball head of the track rod protected against splash water

Large diameter chain idler

Replaceable ball bearings with integrated chain guide

Smooth running hubs

Fast wheel removal with our open knuckle system

Precision can be measured, passion for detail must be felt

High precision folding hinge

with self-locking latch

Driving pleasure - for sure!

Trike Technology Hotspots for Your Comfort

Custom CSS for Hotspots - Do not delete

vollgefedertes 26 zoll liegerad dreirad scorpion fs 26
vollgefedertes full suspension recumbent trike scorpion fs 26 sitzhoehe seat height

Medium seat height, reclinded seat for good ground clearance
with very good driving dynamics

vollgefedertes full suspension recumbent trike scorpion fs 26 tretlager bottom bracket

High pedal position above the seat
for efficient use of power

vollgefedertes full suspension recumbent trike scorpion fs 26 kippstabilitaet tipping stability

Comfortable, integrated full suspension
AntiDive geometry, HP Stabilizer System, very good tilting stability

vollgefedertes full suspension recumbent trike scorpion fs 26 gepaeck luggage bags

Luggage capacity: up to 35 kg (77 lbs) in 4 bags, maximum payload 140 kg (309 lbs)

full suspension recumbent trike scorpion fs 26 inch liegerad

26-inch rear wheel for optimized smooth performance

faltbares full suspension foldable recumbent trike scorpion fs 26

Foldable without tools in 60 seconds