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Recline and Relax with Your ErgoMesh Seat

The Airy Mesh Seat in Two Sizes and Two Seat Heights

The relaxed, reclined, comfortable posture is an essential advantage of your HP Velotechnik recumbent bike or trike. The sitting position determines the feel of your bike like no other component. In addition to your preferred seat design – firm BodyLink hard-shell seat or airy ErgoMesh seat – the seat height has a particularly significant influence on the character of your vehicle.

Especially on tricycles, the same physics apply as on sports cars: Low seating allows a sporty, dynamic riding style with maximum tipping stability. A high seat makes it easy to get in and out and provides a good overview but requires a more moderate driving speed when you are cornering sharply.

Ergonomic and functional

The ErgoMesh seat supports you in many ways

The ErgoMesh HS seat offers an 11 cm (4.3″) higher and up to 5 degrees more upright sitting position than the standard ErgoMesh mesh seat. Compared to the BodyLink seat you even sit 14 cm (5.5 cm) higher. All ErgoMesh versions are based on a stable aluminum frame, which is ergonomically adapted to the body for effective back support.

In addition, the very air-permeable seat fabric can be adapted to your back profile using a number of tension straps. The seat mesh material has the right amount of elasticity to avoid pressure points on your belt or thick seams on your clothes.

HP Velotechnik has equipped the washable seat cover with breathable side padding, which provides particularly good side-support for the lateral forces when riding a tricycle. A removable, waterproof seat cushion increases your sitting comfort in the bottom area.

The ErgoMesh recumbent seat has a practical zippered pocket in the backrest, which also provides storage for the optional rain cover. The backrest is equipped with a mount for a safety flag. Lateral reflective ribbons improve visibility in the dark.

recumbent seat ergomesh sitting hight
Seat heights illustrated at the example of the medium-high Scorpion fx
Raise your level more than once!

Do You Prefer Your ErgoMesh Net Seat High, Wide - or Both?

The outstanding orthopedic seating systems designed by HP Velotechnik can be removed in 15 seconds using the quick-release mechanism and are therefore interchangeable in no time at all.

Mounted on HP Velotechnik’s highest trike, the foldable Scorpion plus, the airy ErgoMesh HS seat offers a seat height of 57 cm (22.5″) – higher than your office chair! The high net seat allows you to drive home in comfort and at eye level with the motorists on the road.

For the sporty weekend lap, changing to a lower seat ensures low aerodynamic drag, efficient use of pedalling power and maximum stability in fast turns. For the ErgoMesh HS high seat, the optional long handlebars with 8 cm (3.2″) higher grip position are the perfect match – and also ideal for smaller riders on the lower seats.

Big is beautiful: The 38 cm (15″) wide ErgoMesh seat is also available as ErgoMesh XL or ErgoMesh HS XL seat with 43 cm (17″) width, 5 cm (2″) more seat depth and 4 cm (1.6″) higher backrest.

Try it yourself!

At your HP Velotechnik dealer, you can experience the highest seating comfort up close and personal.

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