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Recline and Relax with Your ErgoMesh Seat

The Airy Mesh Seat in Two Sizes and Two Seat Heights

The relaxed, reclined, comfortable posture is an essential advantage of your HP Velotechnik recumbent bike or trike. The seat position has more of an impact on how your ride feels than any other component. For exactly these reasons, HP Velotechnik gives top priority to the design of the seat as the central contact point between rider and bike.

Cool comfort that breathes: Mesh seats like our standard seat ErgoMesh ensure the best possible air circulation on the contact surfaces. When you lean back, you can feel how pleasantly the ErgoMesh seat surface adapts to your back and buttocks. The ergonomically optimized support with a maximum of individual adaptability succeeds thanks to up to eight tension straps as well as four OrthoFlex® cushions.

liegerad sitz ergomesh netzsitz

Ergonomic and Functional

The ErgoMesh Seat Supports You in Many Ways

The ErgoMesh seat incorporates a high-strength aluminum frame, which is anatomically designed for ergonomic back support. Seven tension straps and four OrthoFlex® pads are used for individual adjustment.

The washable seat cover has a two-layer construction. Our engineers have chosen a very air-permeable mesh fabric as the base material. In combination with the broad tension straps, it has the right level of elasticity to prevent bruising from your belt or thick clothing seams.

On top of this is a 3D knitted fabric with a cut to fit the body. The abrasion-resistant material wicks away sweat and is therefore used on the main contact areas. Its contours define the areas where you insert the four OrthoFlex® elements from the side. And finally, the cut shape of the 3D knitted fabric in combination with the discreet blue contrasting topstitching gives the ErgoMesh seat its sporty, dynamic look.

The ErgoMesh even has one advantage over the ErgoMesh Premium: an integrated zip pocket. Placed on the upper edge of the backrest, keys and the (very) small belongings fit in to that pocket – or the optional rain cover. If you need more storage space, simply equip the ErgoMesh with the optional Add-on bags.

bequemer netzsitz liegerad ergomesh sitz ergonomic recumbent bike seat mesh net seats


Perfectly Tailored Ergonomics for the Mesh Seat

The basic elements of the OrthoFlex® technology are four highly breathable cushion blocks made of open-pored polyurethane material. They can be individually cut to size. You simply insert these 3D cushions into the side pockets of the seat, align them according to the shape of your back and close the pockets with velcro.

This fixes the four elements in a non-slip position. If the alignment is not yet as desired, one is easily able to readjust the cushions while sitting: Simply take a seat in ErgoMesh or ErgoMesh Premium, open the velcro fastener and optimize the cushion position.

Liegeradsitz Netzsitz ErgoMesh Polster OrthoFlex

OrthoFlex® was originally developed with orthopaedic specialists for use in the Gekko fxs children’s bike that grows with the child. But why should only the youngest benefit from such smart technology? Combine the advantages of the simplest handling and maximum flexibility to get the greatest possible adaptability.

Features & Accessories

This Is What Ergomesh and Ergomesh Premium Have in Common

Even though the frame shape of ErgoMesh and ErgoMesh Premium is fundamentally different, they are like twins in many ways. Find out which comfort options and accessories you can use to upgrade both seats to a unique oasis of well-being.

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Recumbent Seat ErgoMesh Premium Luggage Pockets

Optional Add-on bags: Set of two removable water-repellent luggage pockets with Cordura® and protected zipper. Pck content of 1,4 l each. One pocket with airy mesh fabric on the side, so that the contents can start to dry while on journey.

Recumbent Seat Liegeradsitz ErgoMesh Premium Headrest Kopfstütze

Optional headrest
A headrest can be mounted on the upper cross brace if desired. The height and inclination of the headrest can be adjusted in a few moments thanks to quick-release levers.

Recumbent Seat Liegeradsitz ErgoMesh Premium Flag Pole Mount Wimpel-Aufnahme

Show your colors:
The seat is designed for the inclusion of a flag pole. With the optional flag as passive safety equipment, you set a clearly visible exclamation mark in traffic.

Recumbent Seat Liegeradsitz ErgoMesh Premium Reflective Element Reflexelement

Reflective Elements:
For extra safety there are reflective strips on the side of the seat and on the back of the bags, which provide better visibility when in the headlights.

Recumbent Seat Liegeradsitz ErgoMesh Premium Tension Straps Spanngurte

Under tension:
To individually adjust the fit of the seat to your body, you can adjust the tension straps in addition to positioning the OrthoFlex® pads. In order to create the optimal power transmission, the extremely resistant material Hypalon® is used.

Recumbent Seat Liegeradsitz ErgoMesh Premium Mounts Sitzbleche

Easy Seat-mounting:
The mounting on the trike is done with the proven 3-point mounting system with quick releases from HP Velotechnik.
Additional advantage: You can interchange ErgoMesh Premium, ErgoMesh and BodyLink as you wish

Recumbent Seat Liegeradsitz ErgoMesh Premium Detail Mesh Cushion Polster

Nice and clean:
The seat cover of your mesh seat is washable and can be replaced even after many active years in the recumbent.

High or Wide or Both?

The Main Thing Is to Sit Casually!

Change your level more often: The orthopedically convincing seat systems from HP Velotechnik are available for our trikes in several heights. Thanks to the quick-release fastening, they can be removed in 15 seconds and thus interchanged in no time at all.

In addition to the design of the recumbent trike, it is above all, the seat height that determines the character of your vehicle. Low seating allows sporty, dynamic driving with maximum tipping stability. High seating allows easy entry and exit and offers a good elevated view, but requires adapted cornering speeds.

The suffix HS in the name stands for high seat. Mounted on HP Velotechnik’s highest trike, the foldable Scorpion plus, the airy ErgoMesh HS as well as the flexible ErgoMesh Premium HS offer a seat height of 57 cm (22.4″). This is higher than your office chair! When you get home, the high seat puts you comfortably at eye level with drivers in traffic. For the sporty drive on the weekend, touring on a lower seat like the BodyLink ensures low air resistance, efficient use of pedaling power and maximum stability in fast bends.

Suitable for the high HS seats, the optional long handlebar offers an 8 cm (3.1″) higher grip position. This is ideal also for smaller riders on lower seats. HS seats are available for all Scorpion models except for the Scorpion fs 26 S-Pedelec.

Big is beautiful: Both the ErgoMesh and the ErgoMesh Premium seat are available in a lush XL version. The 38 cm (15″) wide ErgoMesh grows to a width of 43 cm (17″) as ErgoMesh XL or HS XL. The seat depth increases by 5 cm (2″) and the backrest height by 4 cm (1.6″). The ErgoMesh Premium seat (41 cm/16.1″ wide) has a 46 cm (18.1″) wide seat surface as ErgoMesh Premium XL or HS XL, with an increase in seat depth and backrest height of 3 cm (1.2″) each.

recumbent seat ergomesh sitting hight
Seat heights illustrated at the example of the medium-high Scorpion fx
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