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Recumbent Bikes & Trikes by HP Velotechnik

Advanced Recumbent Design: More Comfortable, Faster, and Exceptionally Reliable.

At HP Velotechnik, we design extraordinary recumbent trikes and bikes for both daily use and long journeys – fast, comfortable, and reliable. We also place great value on useful and practical recumbent accessories.

Here you will find a comprehensive overview of our products – modern recumbent designs from recumbent bikes and trikes with two or three wheels to fairings for wind and weather protection to comfort and rehabilitation accessories. We will gladly send you our catalogs. New products and latest component changes for our recumbent trikes and bikes are featured on our new developments-page.

Recumbent Bikes Overview

Our two-wheelers

Recumbent Trikes Overview

Our Three-Wheelers: Gekko-Trikes

Recumbent Trikes Overview

Our Three-Wheelers: Scorpion-Trikes

Recumbent Accessoires

Functional and Comfortable Equipment for Recumbent Trikes and Bikes

Weather Protection Gear

speed trike scorpion fs 26 streamer front fairing

Just keep on riding!

Our weather protection: shielded from wind & rain

Luggage & Transport

HP Velotechnik Scorpion fx Side Bag Mount Studio

Travel companion

Turn your recumbent into a pack mule!

Light & Safety

Lichtanlage Fahrrad Bicycle Lighting System SON Hub Naben-Dynamo IQ-X

Always safe rides

Bicycle lights and other safety equipment

Comfort Options

Liegerad Zubehör Recumbent Accessories Kopfstütze Head Rest Hard Shell Seat BodyLink

Stay relaxed!

Enjoy best comfort even on long tours!

Ability & Adaptive Cycling

dreirad senioren behinderte reha therapie trike special needs veteran therapy rehab scorpion plus 20

Mobility for everyone!

Our accessories for special needs

AirZound XL


Bike loud!

Make yourself heard with the pressurized air horn

Got Curious?

More Information About Recumbent Bikes, Tricycles and Recumbent Accessories from HP Velotechnik

The best reasons for our recumbent bikes and trikes are those we can only outline here: the exhilarating ride – fast and controllable – and the relaxing traveling comfort. We’ve collected the impressions of several journalists in our press review archive.

As a service for journalists, you can download our press releases and free high-resolution recumbent pictures from our press service page.

Why don’t you try it for yourself? Ask one of our specialist dealers for an extensive test ride.

All Bikes and Trikes. All Parts. The Complete Accessories.

Our retail price list gives you a complete overview of our offered product range. Listed here are all HP Velotechnik recumbent cycles – two-wheeled and three-wheeled – as well as our complete assortment of spare parts and accessories for our recumbent bikes and trikes.

HP Velotechnik retail price list