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Where Do You Want to Ride Today?

Put Your Feet up High and Enjoy the Panoramic View

The evolution reveals A small change of your posture can lead to a boost in performance and comfort. Whether you like to enjoy cycling your favourite path by the lake, exercise your body on the slopes in the hillside or commute on the way to work – lean back, relax and enjoy your bike with a view.

The Streetmachine Gte combines the knowledge of more than 25 years of development work in a travel and touring bike that is unparalleled. Your advantages: The high seat for the best overview, the precise steering and the well-engineered accessories for even the most adventurous cycle tours.

Delivering maximum riding pleasure as standard. Raise your legs up in comfort. With a few powerful pedal strokes you will accelerate unusually fast. After just a few minutes you’ll have the hang of it and your new bike safely under control – agile in narrow streets and smooth-running on the country road. From now on you can enjoy cycling the most comfortable way!

Streetmachine Gte

Versatile Recumbent Bike for Travel, Tour & Everyday Rides

Your Streetmachine Gte is as versatile as the way from Paris to Bangkok, from NY to LA. The plan for your next cycling adventure is already on your mind? This recumbent is your faithful companion, designed and built to offer the highest standards of comfort and sophistication. And it has a whole host of features that set it apart from other bikes of its type. A Streetmachine Gte does exactly what you want it to do with the minimum of input. It practically rides itself, leaving you free to concentrate on the road ahead, or just to relax and enjoy the scenery.

For the Streetmachine Gte we offer a system of reliable components and accessories, which we have developed for the most demanding everyday use.

Keep an eye on things. The Streetmachine Gte is our recumbent bike with the highest sitting position. Sitting at a hand’s width above most road users, you have a good view trough car windows in city traffic.