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Versatility Is the Key

Shimano Steps Electric Drive: The Bottom Bracket Motor for Your Electric Tricycle

Maximum bandwidth: With the E5000, E6100 and EP801 Cargo systems, we use the best possible motors from the Shimano STEPS motor range to fit to our trikes. Each engine has it’s specific advantages. The very compact E5000 integrated into the front boom is ideal for the price-conscious. The E6100 already offers 50 percent more power. In addition, we equip it from the manufactory with an automatic hub gear. The new EP801 high-end system impresses with a maximum power of 600 W and a torque of 85 Nm. We install the EP801 in the Cargo version. It provides full power practically after the first pedal stroke.

Note: We offer electric drive systems of the Shimano STEPS series for all HP Velotechnik three-wheelers (trikes), but not for our two-wheelers (single track bicycles). For recumbent bicycles with two wheels, please have a look at our Neodrives hub motor.

Automatic comfort: You can combine all engines with fully automatic gearing. Even the 10-speed derailleur for the EP801 Cargo can now always select the most efficient gear when riding with the help of the brand new Autoshift Technology. As with the E6100, the proven Nexus Di2 8-speed hub gear system is also available for the E5000. Result: You let the machine work and dedicate yourself to relax to enjoy the surroundings – whether in the city to coexist with traffic or when traveling overland with panoramic recumbent view.

You prefer to have it in your own hands? Then choose from our manual gearing systems. If you mostly ride on flat terrain, go for the 8-speed derailleur, which also comes with an attractive price. Fans of high-end technology, on the other hand, will enjoy the legendary 14- speed hub gear from Rohloff, the Speedhub.

e-motor electric assist shimano steps display recumbent trike liegedreirad scorpion enduro

Precise Control

The high-contrast display is easy to read even under difficult lighting conditions.

e-motor electric assist shimano steps e6100 recumbent trike dreirad scorpion enduro

Pure Power

Elegant forged front boom

e-motor electric assist shimano steps battery akku recumbent trike dreirad scorpion enduro

Full of energy

Optionally more than 1000 Wh battery capacity is possible.

Propulsion at the highest level

shimano xt di2 derailleur gearing kettenschaltung schaltwerk

Efficient power transmission

Choose from powerful gear shift options

The slim silhouettes of the motors blend discreetly into the multi-award-winning design of our trikes. The large chainrings (38, 44 or 50 teeth) provide lower chain forces at high torque, which has a positive effect on the lifespan of the chain and sprocket compared to many other bottom bracket motors. The forces of rider and motor go directly to the chainring, even at speeds above the pedelec support limit of 25 km/h (16 mph) or, for US Class1 electric bikes, 32 km/h (20 mph).Your power arrives at the rear wheel without noticeable power loss.

The STEPS system delivers with a range of up to 189 km (117 miles), a powerful result from the efficient energy management of the standard 418 Wh lithium battery. The range increases by almost a third if you alternatively choose the optional battery with 630 Wh capacity, which we supply with 4 A quick charger.

The externally identical batteries can be easily removed by unhinging them and removing them off from the side. They snap back into place just as quickly and easily. If you have a wall outlet available once you have reached your parking spot, you can even recharge the battery without removing it from the trike.

Additionally, all those who want to be on the safe side when it comes to range can choose the optional second battery, which always comes with 630 Wh capacity. This backup power source travels safely on the special mount under the seat. To supply the system with power, you can replace a battery with the second one by switching them from side to side during a short stop.

Shimano STEPS E5000

Comfort For Small Price

By far the most affordable electric motor in our modular system comes in a particularly small housing. This fits elegantly on the bottom bracket boom of your trike, which is specially forged for the STEPS motors. With its harmonious characteristics and a well-dosed torque of 40 Newton meters, the E5000, in combination with the shifting options we have selected, is the ideal companion for comfort- oriented riders.

e-antrieb electric assist pedelec ebike shimano steps e5000

Comfort meets versatility: The large surface of the black-and-white display (6,9 cm / 2.7″ ) ensures good readability with its high-contrast display. The system impresses with its very easy handling, including the practically integrated light button. For maximum yield, choose the IQ-X light system from Busch & Müller for this purpose. Wireless connectivity to smartphone apps and a variety of bike computer functions underline the versatility of the E5000.

Shimano STEPS E6100

No-Worry Package With Plenty of Power

The proven system from the Japanese company’s range offers a torque of 60 newton meters. This means an increase of 50 percent compared to the E5000 engine. This expands the range of use of your trike immensely and ensures a wide range of applications in everyday life. The E6100 delivers plenty of power both on hills and as a towing machine in front of a children’s trailer or cargo trailer.

E-Antrieb Electric Assist Pedelec E-Bike Shimano STEPS E6100

As the standard gear system for the E6100 we use the Nexus Di2 hub gear. You will already appreciate the advantages of the fully automatic gearing, which can be activated at the push of a button, after the first lap. When stopping at traffic lights, for example, the no-worry package automatically engages a low gear. Otherwise, too, the Nexus Di2 always shifts into the most efficient gear. To ensure that the shifting process is smooth and without jolts, the system automatically reduces the assistance for a moment.

Shimano STEPS EP801 Cargo

Top System for Full Power

The flagship: The Shimano EP801 catapults the topic of e-mobility into a new dimension. All modules have been revised and equipped with new software. The top system impresses with a torque of 85 Newton meters. HP Velotechnik includes a compact color display (4.2 cm) with numerous bike computer functions.

e-antrieb electric assist pedelec e-bike shimano steps ep801 cargo

The new technologies of Shimano enable fully automatic gear changes for the first time on a derailleur. The system always selects the most efficient gear when riding thanks to the Autoshift technology. But it can do even more. Freeshift technology detects braking: parallel to deceleration, thus the chain is shifted to a lower gear. Ingenious additional feature: Via our app, you can program the motor with two completely individually tunable profiles. This is perfect if you want to get the bike ready for different areas of use or riders in seconds at the touch of a button on the display.

We chose the Cargo version of the EP801 with care. It allows you to get full power from the motor practically with the first pedal stroke. The maximum assistance ratio is a whopping 400 percent.


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