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Recumbent seats by HP Velotechnik

Take a Seat and Adjust for Maximum Comfort

Hardly any other thing determines the character of a recumbent as much as the type of seat you use. How well it can be adjusted to your preferred seating position is decisive for your driving comfort. At HP Velotechnik you will find various recumbent seats for recumbent bikes or trikes: a low-profile, precisely adjustable hard-shell seat with excellent support as well as several types of mesh seats, which are perceived by many as very comfortable right from the start and offer excellent ventilation.

The mesh seats of the Gekko series are an integral part of the one-piece frame design. With our single-track recumbents as well as our Scorpion trikes you have the free choice: The seats are removable as a single part. This allows you to choose these recumbent seats as an option when buying a new bike, as well as buy them separately. Take a seat and get ready for maximum comfort!

With all our recumbent seats, you can adjust the seat angle steplessly and simply fix it with a quick-release – depending on whether you prefer to make progress leaning back in a sporty way or want to keep a more upright position for best overview. Optionally we offer a position stop for the defined adjustment of the seat angle. This enables you to reposition the seat quickly and precisely after transport, for example.

In addition, each of our seats can be fitted with a bracket for a rear light or a flag as well as mounts for water bottles.

BodyLink hard shell seat

The BodyLink seat combines a firm, anatomically shaped seat shell made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic (GRP) with a flexibly connected, gently curved backrest, also made of GRP. Thanks to the special design, you can adjust the length of the BodyLink seat continuously and thus align the seat adjustment individually and with exact precision to your body. For the BodyLink seat, we offer comfortable seat pads and accessories such as hip supports and headrests or our Microbag (not compatible with Scorpion, Scorpion fs 26, Scorpion fs 26 S-Pedelec; Scorpion fs 26 Enduro with limitations only).

liegeradsitz recumbent hard shell seat hartschalensitz bodylink Click to enlarge
liegerad sitz ergomesh netzsitz Click to enlarge

ErgoMesh mesh seat

The ErgoMeshmesh seat is available in two sizes and two heights. The washable seat cover, adjustable via tension straps at the back, and a removable, waterproof seat cushion provide comfort, a practical zippered pocket and the integrated flag mount are standard features. The ErgoMesh recumbent seat is breathable and keeps the back dry even on long, strenuous tours because the seat cushion is made of a mesh fabric.

ErgoMesh Premium mesh seat

The ErgoMesh Premium seat was developed from scratch and defines the category of the recumbent net seat in a way never seen before. To allow you to individually adjust the ErgoMesh Premium, the backrest and the lower seat surface can be adjusted independently of each other – the first time ever in a recumbent net seat. In addition, the ErgoMesh Premium sets completely new ergonomic standards with a 3D-shaped seat frame, a highly breathable multi-layer support fabric and our sophisticated OrthoFlex® technology.

+++++ now also available for retrofitting +++++

Liegeradsitz Netzsitz Recumbent Seat ErgoMesh Premium Click to enlarge
liegeradsitze faltbares dreirad gekko Click to enlarge

Gekko mesh seat

The seats of the Gekko models are an integral part of the innovative Dual Flat Fold (D.F.F.) system. Based on the design of the ErgoMesh seat, an air-permeable seat cover made of mesh fabric actively ventilates the back, to which it can be adjusted using tension straps. A steplessly adjustable backrest allows you to adjust the seat angle precisely and fix it easily using the quick-release mechanism. The features also include an integrated pocket with zipper as well as the mount for a flag and, as with all our seats, an optional headrest adjustable in height and angle.

OrthoFlex seat of the Gekko fxs

The OrthoFlex seat of the Gekko fxs is also integrated into the foldable frame. As this recumbent trike was specially developed for children and teenagers, the seat is extremely variable and can grow with your child just like the trike itself. The seat bottom depth changes automatically when the frame is pulled out and extended. Eight individually adjustable seat cushion elements allow the adjustment to the specific spinal column shape of the small recumbent pilots and provide both comfortable and secure support. Thanks to the included belt system, which can be used as a pelvic belt or 4- or 5-point belt version depending on the therapeutic need, your child will also be safe during emergency braking.

adjusting padding of recumbent seat orthoflex Click to enlarge

Found the right seat? Here is more to choose from!

All components and combinations: With our online configurator, you choose the equipment for your individual dream bike from our versatile modular system.