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fast recumbent touring bike speedmachine
sportliche tourenräder liegeräder speedmachine
recumbent bike hp velotechnik speedmachine

Lower. Faster. Further.

Speedmachine: A Joy Ride You Can Take Every Day

Great perspectives: The Speedmachine is more agile, more efficient, and more comfortable than you would ever have thought possible. It is an ergonomic machine dedicated to absolute speed.

You have probably never ridden a bike this fast or this comfortable. In fact, you probably assumed that gain meant pain. But the Speedmachine rewrites the rules. By combining a super-oversized aluminum frame, a full suspension ride, and a totally ergonomic riding position with perhaps the smallest frontal area on the planet, we have created a unique sports recumbent bike. The Speedmachine is designed to give you incredible performance along with total comfort!

Remember, at racing speeds, it is not the weight that slows you down; it is the effort of pushing through the atmosphere. On the Speedmachine your body is an arrow, cutting through the air with ease and giving you a seriously unfair advantage.

Great Perspectives

Leave Later, Arrive in Comfort

Of course, you have to leave behind some companions you were familiar with in the old days when riding an upright bike: saddle pain, numb wrists, or a tense neck are a thing of the past with the Speedmachine. No pressure points! Recall miles of looking down on the small stretch of tarmac right ahead of your front wheel?

Now start enjoying the beauty of the entire landscape with the panoramic view from your recumbent seat! Our suspension system is fully integrated into the frame design; it is fully tunable for performance and works completely independently of your pedaling force. We call this No Squat design. It is a system that has been perfected over thousands of miles of extreme roads by our team of test riders. What it means is, if you accelerate uphill, you accelerate efficiently. And because it isolates you completely from the road, your energy goes entirely into forward motion. It works, so that you don’t have to.

It’s the technical details that distinguish excellent design. We haven’t neglected the accessories either. We can offer an integrated luggage rack, propper mudguards and the best lighting system you can buy for the Speedmachine. The lowrider rack under the seat, together with a steering geometry optimized for safe, smooth operation even under heavy loads and the low seat position, make the Speedmachine a sporty, comfortable travel companion.

Cycling becomes more fascinating again. Ready for some extra speed? Call your HP Velotechnik dealer to arrange a test ride on the Speedmachine today!