New Model Year:

Novelties and Changes for the 2023 Season at a Glance

Recumbent year 2023: A fast(er) Speedmachine, the STEPS next generation on our trikes, and a flashy HOC tricycles

+++++ All prices mentioned here are suggested retail prices (MSRP). As of the editorial deadline; for currently valid recommended prices, please refer to our price lists! +++++

Speedmachine S-Pedelec

speedmachine s-pedelec elektro-liegerad 45 km/h fast electric bike 28 mph MG_8853Speed is already in the name of our sportiest recumbent, the Speedmachine. Now we’re going “over-thetop” off with the motor: in the future, the classic randonneur is also available with an electric drive providing pedaling assistance up to 45 km/h. This makes the Speedmachine S-Pedelec an aerodynamical alternative for all those who are looking for a fast bike to cover the long distances to work. Just like the three-wheeled Scorpion fs 26 S-Pedelec model, which has already proven itself over many years, the Speedmachine S-Pedelec is predestined for daily use on the middle distance.

Available is the Speedmachine S-Pedelec at a recommended retail price from MSRP 8,690 € / $ 9,070 and can presumably be delivered from November 2022. In addition to the standard colors of Silver grey and Carmine red, custom colors and numerous other customizations are also possible.

EU Type Approvals of Our S-Pedelecs in Progress

Parallel to the development of the fast two wheel bike, HP Velotechnik has applied to the German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) in Flensburg for type approvals for the new Speedmachine S-Pedelec and the Scorpion fs 26 S-Pedelec. The advantage of this is that S-Pedelecs from HP Velotechnik no longer have to be individually approved by the German Technical Inspection Authority (TÜV). This means that the vehicle can be put into operation by the customer immediately after delivery (in Germany, of course, only after the mandatory insurance has been obtained) – there is no longer any need to wait several weeks for the papers to be submitted.

Type approval (COC documents) is also of particular interest to customers in other EU countries and in Switzerland. Here, the standardized documents make it much easier to put the vehicle into operation on the basis of the regulations applicable in the respective country.

Important: Until the final decision is made by the German Federal Motor Vehicle Authority, all S-Pedelecs are still subject to individual approval by the TÜV as the basis for issuing a German operating permit. This means that legal commissioning in other EU countries is only possible in exceptional cases and not in Switzerland. We will inform separately as soon as the vehicles are delivered with EU-wide valid COC papers.

Shimano STEPS EP801 Cargo – More Than Just a System Update

e-antrieb electric assist pedelec e-bike shimano steps ep801 cargoWith the EP801, Shimano catapults the e-mobility theme into a new dimension. All modules have been revised and equipped with new software. The top system impresses with a torque of 85 Newton meters. The Cargo version of the system, which we make use of at HP Velotechnik, makes it possible to get full power from the motor practically after the first pedal stroke. The maximum assistance ratio is a whopping 400 percent.

As an exclusive shifting option in our modular system, we rely on the also newly introduced electronic 10-speed Cues Di2 derailleur. As with the previous EP8 system, the rugged Rohloff Speedhub is available as an optional hub gear, too. The newest technologies from Shimano enable fully automatic gear changes for the first time in a derailleur drivetrain: The Autoshift system always selects the most efficient gear when riding. But it can do even more! The Freeshift technology detects braking operations: Parallel to the deceleration, the chain is shifted to a lower gear.

The new gear options based on the Shimano STEPS EP801 Cargo will presumably be delivered from November 2022 and start at an SRP of 3,250 € / $ 3,630 (Scorpion fs 26 Enduro: Shimano STEPS EP801 Cargo, Cues Di2 10-speed derailleur, 418 Wh battery). presumably be delivered from November 2022

WingBling Turn Indicator Also Available for Hands-On-Cycle

Handbike Hands-On-Cycle Blinker Turn IndicatorRecently delivered for the first time,the models of the Hands-on-Cycle (HOC) series have a particularly useful addition in the form of the adapted WingBling turn indicator system. The first legally approved turn signal system for tricycles on the market makes perfect use of the HOC’s 3-D possibilities and enables operation while pedaling directly on the drive/steering mast.

The option is selectable for all HOC models (Gekko fx 26 HOC and Scorpion fs 20 HOC) with Pedelec system and will presumably be delivered from November 2022. The surcharge amounts to SRP 799 € / $ 760.

Running Change: Cosmic Grey Replaced by Cool Grey Metallic

Farben Colors Pulverbeschichtung Powder Coating Cool Grey MetallicWith the new Cool grey metallic, we offer an updated standard color for the Scorpion fx, Scorpion fs 26, Scorpion fs 26 S-Pedelec, Scorpion plus 20 and Scorpion plus 26 models since spring 2022. Cool grey metallic has a shiny metallic finish and thus provides great visual effects. The color is slightly darker than the previous Cosmic grey and visibly changes the color nuances depending on the angle of light.

By switching to a European supplier, we are also reducing the risk of delays due to the coating process. Cool grey metallic is also available on request for other models as part of our custom colors program – the Cosmic grey color is no longer available.

Running Change: Changed Battery Capacity For Neodrives Z20

Due to availability reasons beyond our control, the battery capacity for the Neodrives Z20 system has been adjusted from 612 Wh to 576 Wh. According to Neodrives, there should be no significant impact on the range thanks to the improved quality of the cells used, despite the reduced overall capacity. The change went into production in late spring 2022 and we have adjusted the information in the price lists as well as on our website accordingly.

The battery for the Z20 RS system used in our S-Pedelecs continues to offer a capacity of 651 Wh and there will probably be no change there for 2023 either – neither for the Scorpion fs 26 S-Pedelec nor for the Speedmachine in the S-Pedelec version.

Gekko Models Available Again – Upgrade for Gekko 26

At the price list change on September 01, 2022, all of our Gekko models will be available to order again. Delivery will then start in the fall of 2022. The Gekko 26 will also be available again. While it will undergo a major price adjustment, at the same time it impresses with a significantly upgraded feature list with Shimano XT brake system, mountainready Deore 3×9 gears and premium wheels.