Novelties and Changes for the 2023/2024 Season:

Shimano STEPS EP801 Cargo and Cues Di2 – Automatic Gear Changes and More

Following the successful introduction of the Shimano STEPS EP801 Cargo system, we are expanding the shifting range to include the automatic 10-speed Cues Di2 derailleur with Autoshift and Freeshift technology, originally announced for the 2023 model year.

The newest technologies from Shimano enable fully automatic gear changes for the first time in a derailleur drivetrain: The Autoshift system always selects the most efficient gear when riding. But it can do even more! The Freeshift technology detects braking operations: Parallel to the deceleration, the chain is shifted to a lower gear.

An ingenious additional feature is that the motor can be programmed with two very individually tunable profiles via an app. This means that the bike can be made ready for different areas of use or riders in a matter of seconds – simply at the touch of a button on the display.

This new shifting option based on the Shimano STEPS EP801 Cargo will be available to order from July 2023 and starts at an MSRP of €3.290 / $3,630 (Scorpion fs 26 Enduro: Shimano STEPS EP801 Cargo, Cues Di2 10-speed derailleur, 418 Wh battery). At the same time, the combination of Shimano STEPS EP801 Cargo and Cues Di2 10-speed derailleur forms the drive base for the Special Edition models Scorpion fs 20 Pedelec SE and Scorpion fs 26 Pedelec SE.

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