New Model Year:

Novelties and Changes for the 2022 Season at a Glance

Recumbent year 2022: Premium ergonomics become standard; fully enclosed hand drive for trikes, new options and basic specifications.

+++++ All prices mentioned here are suggested retail prices (MSRP). As of the editorial deadline; for currently valid recommended prices, please refer to our price lists! +++++

Premium Ergonomics Become Standard: The New ErgoMesh Seat

liegerad sitz ergomesh netzsitz

With the completely redesigned ErgoMesh seat mesh, premium ergonomics on recumbents will become standard starting season 2022. Thanks to the innovative OrthoFlex® technology, the shape of the seats can be precisely adapted to completely different body sizes and statures in a matter of seconds. The ErgoMesh seat is based on the proven one-piece aluminum frame, which is shaped to fit the body for good back support. Seven tension straps and four OrthoFlex® elements are used for individual adjustment. These breathable cushion wedges made of open-pored polyurethane material are inserted into the sides of the seat net.

The four prepared pockets offer plenty of scope for customizing support in the backrest and sitting area. The washable seat cover of the ErgoMesh has a two-layer structure. A highly airpermeable mesh fabric was selected as the base material. On top of this is a 3D spacer fabric, which gives the seat its unmistakable look. The abrasion-resistant padding material wicks away perspiration and is therefore used on the main contact areas. Its contours define the areas into which the four OrthoFlex® wedges can be inserted from the side. In combination with the subtle blue contrasting topstitching, the cut of the 3D mesh gives the seat a dynamic appearance.

As before, the ErgoMesh has an integrated zipper pocket. Placed on the upper edge of the backrest, it can hold keys and small luggage – or a rain cover for the seat. For more storage space, the optional Add-on bags are available, a set of pockets that can be attached to the back with Velcro and a buckle (SRP 49,90 €).

The separately available headrest for mesh seats can of course also be mounted on the new ErgoMesh, as can the flag available as an accessory. The new ErgoMesh seat is mounted with the proven threepoint attachment from HP Velotechnik: and thus on all models of the Scorpion family as well as on the single-track recumbents Streetmachine Gte, Speedmachine and Grasshopper fx. The new ErgoMesh seat can be ordered from October 2021: either as a standard seat on a new bike or as a conversion option for SRP 399 €. In addition to the normal version, it will also continue to be offered in a wider XL version, as well as in an HS version with the seat position raised by eleven centimetres. In the course of revising our mesh seats, the design of the Gekko mesh seat was also adapted.

Hands-On-Cycle: Innovative, Fully Encapsulated Hand-Drive for HP Velotechnik Trikes

Handbike Drivetrain Trike Tricycles Hands-on-Cycle

With our Hands-On-Cycle (HOC) we present a completely new development in the field of hand-bikes for 2022. The world’s first hand-drive with fully encapsulated chain guide as well as integrated cable pulls is a symbiosis of design and innovative technical solutions. Hands-On-Cycle (HOC) will be available for specific HP Velotechnik recumbent trikes.

Steering is done by a combination of turning and pivoting which is extremely intuitive. Our design makes for a much smaller turning circle than many common handbikes. You can fit Hands-On-Cycle to the rider by adjusting the front boom, leg holders, and the adjustable mast. Hands-On-Cycle comes

with a Tripleshift 24 standard drivetrain. The handbike mast is ready to integrate front lighting. Moreover, the very clean cockpit can accommodate smartphone and accessories such as bell and speedometer, but is also prepared for the display of an electric motor: Optionally, Hands-On-Cycle can be combined with a rear hub motor from neodrives.

The Hands-On-Cycle can be optionally installed in the Scorpion fs 20 and Gekko fx 26 models and, despite its high degree of innovation, has a pleasantly restrained appearance that integrates perfectly into the design of the tricycle. The handy attachment can be adjusted to the size of the rider in three ways: By sliding it into the main frame, even small people can use Hands-On-Cycle. Independently of this, the integrated footrest is adjustable in length. The mast can be adjusted in height. When folded up, it offers more space when getting in and out of the vehicle. The Hands-On-Cycle certified according to medical products CE is expected to be available from spring 2022 at an option surcharge starting at 2,490 € (Tripleshift 24 basic gearing) for the Scorpion fs 20 and Gekko fx 26 models – with all the brake systems available that we offer.

Add-on bags for ErgoMesh’22, ErgoMesh Premium and Gekko’22 Mesh Seats

Recumbent Seat ErgoMesh Premium Luggage Pockets

The practical Add-on bags can be attached to all Ergo Mesh Premium seats as well as the new ErgoMesh ’22 and Gekko seats starting season 2022. The optional pair of bags includes a closed pocket for small everyday items, as well as a mesh-equipped pocket that can hold our rain cover or similar small items. Both bags boast water protected zippers and have a volume of about 1.4 liters. The suggested retail price for the pair of bags is 49,90 €. The bags are not compatible with the oldstyle ErgoMesh or Gekko net seats (MY 2021 and before).

Adaptations to the Ergomesh Premium Seat

Liegeradsitz Netzsitz Recumbent Seat ErgoMesh Premium

Our ErgoMesh Premium seat took seat comfort to a whole new level. The incredible demand, however, and the strained situation with regard to delivery and production capacities of this premium seat continue to force us to offer the seat exclusively as part of complete bikes until around May 2022.

In addition the standard version of the ErgoMesh Premium seat, even for complete bikes, will only be available again at this time. In order to take account of the increased production and delivery costs and at the same time keep a reasonable price increase for all four ErgoMesh Premium seat versions, the seats will be supplied without the previously standard Add-on bags. Unfortunately, we still have to raise the price for all ErgoMesh Premium seats as part of a trike/bike built to SRP 279 €.

Shimano MT200 Hydraulic Disc Brakes New Standard Brake on Trikes

We are introducing the Shimano BR-MT200 brake as a powerful standard brake on our trikes due to the positive experience with this hydraulic disc brake on our two-wheel recumbent models. No worries: the Avid BB7 with its lockable brake levers will still be available as an option with a surcharge of SRP 39,90 €! The Tektro Auriga brake will no longer be available starting in the 2022 season.

New 30 Speed Shifting Option Tripleshift Shimano XT

Bicycle gears gearing recumbent trike bike Tripleshift 30 The Tripleshift 27 drivetrain will be replaced by the Tripleshift 30 XT shifting option with bar-end shifters. The surcharge for this significantly upgraded shifting option starts at SRP 249 € (259 € for Gekko fxs). It will be available for all our trikes, as well as for our two-wheelers with under-seat-steering (USS).

Pelvic and Chest Support Belt Available In XL

We are adding an XL version to our existing range of pelvic and chest support belts for our ErgoMesh Premium, ErgoMesh Standard and Gekko seats, enabling people of heavier build to benefit from the stabilization and fixation they might need. Like the standard version, which is still available, the harnesses are individually adjustable and available at a suggested retail price of 249 € as a retrofitting option.

Price Adjustments For Our Two-Wheelers and Trikes

With the validity of the new price list 2022 from 1 October 2021, there will be price adjustments for our basic models and options due to significantly increased supplier, logistics and production costs.

Depending on the model, the adjustments range between 2 % and 6 %:

Price Adjustments For the Special Edition Models

Changes in selling prices will be made for the new model year as part of the general price adjustments. All six Special Edition (SE) models will also receive modified and hydraulic brake systems.

The Scorpion fs 20 SE as well as the Scorpion fs 26 SE will be equipped with the Shimano MT200 hydraulic disc brake instead of the previous Avid BB7 mechanical disc brake for the 2022 model year. At the same time, the suggested retail prices for the Scorpion fs 20 SE will increase to 5.990 € and for the Scorpion fs 26 SE to 6.230 €.

The Scorpion fs 20 Pedelec SE and Scorpion fs 26 Pedelec SE models equipped with the Shimano EP8 system use the Shimano XT uncoupled hydraulic disc brake, replacing the previous Avid BB7 mechanical disc brake. The suggested retail price changes for the Scorpion fs 20 Pedelec SE to 9.990 € and for the Scorpion fs 26 Pedelec SE to 10.150 €.

The two comfort models Scorpion plus 20 Pedelec SE and Scorpion plus 26 Pedelec SE experience a price adjustment of the SRP to 9.990 € for the Scorpion plus 20 Pedelec SE and to 10.090 € for the Scorpion plus 26 Pedelec SE.