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Nimble tricycles as a platform for handbike

Spectacular novelty from HP Velotechnik: The highly innovative Hands-On-Cycle with its fully enclosed chain guide turns sporty trikes into an everyday handbike for people with disability / Off-road trike with small turning circle


Kriftel. HP Velotechnik presents a completely new development in the field of handbikes with the Hands-On-Cycle, at the Eurobike trade fair in Friedrichshafen. It is the world’s first handbike that features an extremely compact design with a fully enclosed chain guide and integrated cable pulls and impresses with other innovative technical solutions. Hands-On-Cycle will be on show at the Rehacare trade fair (September 14 to 17) at the booth of the German recumbent manufactory in hall 4 (booth G47).

Hands-On-Cycle fits selected trikes from HP Velotechnik. The drivetrain replaces the front boom of Scorpion fs 20 or Gekko fx 26. The only difference compared to the standard pedal drive is the connection of the steering by push rod. With Hands-On-Cycle, the sporty trikes become an everyday vehicle for people with disabilities. One aspect is particularly important to CEO Paul Hollants: „With Hands-On-Cycle, we are proud to introduce even more people to the fun world of recumbent trikes!“

In this context, the stable-tipping trikes from the German manufacturer expand the range of applications  considerably: „The trikes from HP Velotechnik are significantly more capable of off-road use. This is in contrast to many other hand bikes.“ The main reason for this is the design of the vehicle with rear-wheel drive,  a low center of gravity and two steered front wheels. Their operation is extremely intuitive, and riders always have the two front wheels in view. Steering is done by a combination of turning and pivoting and is based on a highly sophisticated mechanism. The result is a much smaller turning circle than on many other handbikes.

Fully encapsulated drive train

Handbike Handantrieb Trike Dreiraeder Hands-on-Cycle

The Hands-On-Cycle incorporates several innovations. The innovative design allows for a fully encapsulated upper drivetrain. This approach adds to the overall safety of the trike: It eliminates the rotating chainrings in front of the rider which are more than a nuisance on common handbikes. In addition, the oily chain is also out of the picture. It runs in an aluminum tube.

Another safety feature is the optional lighting system which can be integrated into the new handdrive boom. Some moving parts and the optional lighting system are covered by temperature- and weather-resistant ABS plastic. These add to the clean look of the cockpit which offers enough space to mount useful accessories like a speedometer, smartphone, or bell.

Hands-On-Cycle is compatible with a variety of drivetrains: Riders can choose between a Neodrives Z20 e-drive system (pedal-assist up to 25 km/h) with the display mounted to the cockpit, a 24-speed TripleShift (integrated gear hub / derailleur combination), or a Rohloff Speedhub with 14 gears. In addition, they can also decide for different hydraulic or mechanic disk brakes from Shimano.

Versatility through customization

Hands-On-Cycle offers a variety of ways to allow for a perfect fit with the rider. One can adjust the front boom to accommodate for small persons, adjust the footrests to fit individual needs, shorten the crank arms within a range of 10 cm, and the handdrive boom can be adjusted in height. The handdrive boom can also be upturned to the front after opening a quick release to allow for more space when getting on and off the trike. These Hands-On-Cycle specific features are supplemented by HP Velotechnik’s interchangeable seat system: ErgoMesh Premium and ErgoMesh in either standard or XL size are availale for this setup.

HP Velotechnik worked together with wheelchair athletes and Darmstadt College for the development of Hands-On-Cycle. Daniel Pulvermüller, CEO and Head of R&D at HP Velotechnik, is extremely pleased about the result of these cooperations: „We are always in active exchange with regional universities. Hands-On-Cycle is by far the most extraordinary project in HP Velotechnik’s almost 30-year history. Combining innovative ideas from athletes, universities, and our long-term know-how in building the best trikes on the market allowed us to make Hands-On-Cycle ready for the market in no-time.“

Hands-On-Cycle is available as an option for selected HP Velotechnik trikes with a suggested retail price of 2,490 Euro ($2,890). Its color is Blue shade grey matt. On request, Hands-On-Cycle can also be equipped with the WingBling trike turn indicators developed by HP Velotechnik, but only in combination with electric motor.