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On this page journalists can dowload our latest press releases and high resolution images free of charge.

Publication free of charge and favoured. Please send a copy to HP Velotechnik.

If you are searching for pictures only, you can proceed directly to our album section.

Press Releases:

New for 2018: Recumbents with Pinion Integration (2017/08/11)

New for 2018: Turn Indicator for Bicycles (2017/08/11)

Scorpion – a race machine for comfort-fans (2016/08/03)

E-Trikes with automatic shifting (2016/08/03)

Gekko fxs – the trike that fits everyone (2015/08/04)

Scorpion fx – wanderlust on three wheels (2015/08/04)

Scorpion plus 26 – the Trike with SUV Genes (2014/08/05)

Stylish Trike for Power Rehabilitation (2014/08/05)

Large wheels even for entry-level models (2014/08/05)

Dual Propulsion for the Trike Fleet

Scorpion fs 26 Enduro Trike

Fast E-Trike Scorpion fs 26 S-Pedelec received Eurobike Design Award

HP Velotechnik Gekko trike

HP Velotechnik awarded "Best Bicycle manufacturer 2011"

Scorpion fs – full suspension foldable trike

HP Velotechnik announces new Scorpion fx – foldable touring recumbent tricycle

Adrenalin rush on 3 wheels/ New Funsport Trikerace / European Race series in Germersheim, Zandvoort and Cologne

HP Velotechnik announces 81 speed gear system on Scorpion trike

Touring trike Scorpion

Speedmachine Randonneur

GrassHopper recumbent

Street Machine Gte recumbent (German)

AirZound bike horn (German)

Pictures (links to albums on Google photos):

Dokument HP Velotechnik Logos

Dokument Gekko 26

Dokument Gekko fx 20

Dokument Gekko fx 26

Dokument Gekko fxs

Dokument Scorpion

Dokument Scorpion fs 20

Dokument Scorpion fs 26

Dokument Scorpion fs 26 S-Pedelec

Dokument Scorpion fs 26 Enduro

Dokument Scorpion fx

Dokument Scorpion plus 20

Dokument Scorpion plus 26

Dokument Grasshopper fx

Dokument Streetmachine Gte

Dokument Speedmachine

Dokument WingBling – turn indicator for trikes

Dokument Snake Seal

Dokument Streamer

Dokument Comfort and ability options

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