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Recumbents – powered by Neodrives!

Strong commitment to the rear engine: HP Velotechnik presents German specialists Alber as new drive partner / System Neodrives Z20 also with reverse gear


HP Velotechnik Scorpion fx neodrives Z20 Display
HP Velotechnik Scorpion fx neodrives Z20 Display

Friedrichshafen. Recumbent bike and rear motor: it simply fits together. That’s why HP Velotechnik is equipping all 15 series with the Neodrives Z20 from Alber as of November, replacing its previous premium manufacturer GO SwissDrive. The change had become necessary for the Hessian recumbent bike manufacturer after the Swiss announced their withdrawal from the market at the beginning of 2019. The new system is shown at the Eurobike trade fair at the booth of HP Velotechnik (Foyer East, FO 103) and tested at the demo booth FG-O 401.

“We searched with great intensity and promptly for a system that was at least equal with the others,” reports Paul Hollants, Managing Director of HP Velotechnik, and sees himself on the same wavelength as Alber: “No motor is as powerful and at the same time as harmonious as a rear hub motor.The fact that the Swabians have been found so quickly is a pleasure for partner Daniel Pulvermüller for several reasons: “Whether it’s a recumbent bike or a trike, this form of cycling is characterised by its quiet, enjoyable gliding through the countryside. The whisper-quiet rear motor fits this better for many than the usually clearly audible geared motors on the bottom bracket.” Alber also has great experience as a motor manufacturer in the field of medical mobility aids: “This is an excellent addition to our rehab bikes.We expect this to give us many new impulses in this segment”. The fact that the constructive exchange has already begun can be seen in the presentation of the models for 2020 in an absolute technical peculiarity of the trikes: HP Velotechnik was the first manufacturer of everyday bikes to implement reverse gear in cooperation with GO SwissDrive. “It is precisely this feature that Alber will now make available to us,” says Pulvermüller. “For HP Velotechnik customers, the easy manoeuvring with the trike is a decisive point.”

HP Velotechnik Scorpion plus 20 neodrives Z20
HP Velotechnik Scorpion plus 20 neodrives Z20

Andreas Binz, head of the neodrives business unit at Alber GmbH, explains: Rear motors are gearless motors with no friction; a further advantage of the rear motor is the low maintenance associated with it in terms of gears and chain. “This is because the power is transmitted directly to the rear wheel, so that not a single bit of it is lost via the chain or sprocket.” On the other hand, this means that the chain and sprocket package last on average four times longer than with mid-engines. In addition, the recuperation function of the engine allows energy to be recovered, for example during longer downhill journeys.

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HP Velotechnik, founded in 1993 by Paul Hollants and Daniel Pulvermüller, manufactures approx. 2,000 recumbents per year in the factory in Kriftel near Frankfurt with 35 employees (including four trainees) and is thus market leader in Europe.The bikes are built individually by hand according to the customers wish and sold in specialist bicycle shops.The signs are pointing to growth: recumbents are sold in Germany and Europe; an increasing share is exported to more distant regions such as the USA,Australia or Japan.This successful business strategy was honoured in 2017 with the “Hessian Export Prize”, which is jointly awarded by the State of Hesse and the Hessian Chambers of Crafts and Industry and Commerce.

HP Velotechnik has developed 15 recumbent models that cover the entire range from everyday bikes to racing bikes. All models are available with powerful electric motors on request. Recently, the trikes from the Scorpion series caused a sensation, winning the renowned “Eurobike Award” design prize three times in a row. Most recently, in 2013 the Scorpion fs Enduro and in 2014 the Scorpion plus 20 as a therapy trike.The Scorpion fs 26 S-Pedelec, a vehicle in the fast class with up to 45 km/h pedal support, last won this prize at the Eurobike, the world’s most important bicycle trade fair, in 2018.

Even as schoolchildren, the company founders Hollants and Pulvermüller became national winners of the JUTEC Youth and Technology competition of the Association of German Engineers – the foundation of the development from a garage laboratory to one of Germany’s most innovative bicycle companies. Since 2006 HP Velotechnik has been awarded as one of the three best bicycle manufacturers in Germany by the industry association VSF several times.