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Unique in comfort and function

The seat is the business card of a recumbent: With the world premier ErgoMesh Premium from the recumbent manufacturer HP Velotechnik presents a superlative seat for 2021


Kriftel. The ErgoMesh Premium sets a new standard for seating comfort in bicycle construction. Never before has a seat been so flexible and individually adjustable and at the same time comfortably upholstered and functionally equipped. To achieve this, the developers of HP Velotechnik combine the best of both known recumbent seat worlds: the airy breathing comfort of a mesh seat with the functional adjustment options of ergonomically optimised hard-shell seats. The ErgoMesh Premium seat, available in the 2021 season, can be mounted on all Scorpion models from HP Velotechnik as well as the two wheel recumbent classics Streetmachine Gte and Speedmachine.

The core of HP Velotechnik’s seat innovation is the Seat-O-Flex technology. This swivel joint in the extremely complex 3D-shaped frame provides unprecedented flexibility: for the first time, the angles of the seat and backrest of a mesh seat can be changed independently of each other. The rider can optimally adjust the ergonomically shaped fabric surfaces with their highly breathable and at the same time comfortable upholstery according to their wishes. Sit comfortably upright to enjoy the panoramic view, or accelerate with the aerodynamically favourable flat position. The ErgoMesh Premium answers the question of riding philosophy that other designs have with three quick releases that fix the seat in the desired position.

However, this by no means exhausts the topic of ergonomics in all situations from the new recumbent seat from HP Velotechnik. In addition to the movable frame, the engineers have also given the upholstery a flexible inner life. To achieve this, they integrated OrthoFlex® technology, which was developed together with orthopaedic experts for a completely different type of seat. Two slots on each side of the backrest edge and the seat surface accommodate upholstery elements made of highly breathable material. These four blanks can be removed or moved inside the pockets – even after the rider has taken a seat on the ErgoMesh Premium. This makes it possible to adapt the seat directly to individual wishes. Especially on longer rides, you can feel how much comfort is provided by a support that is perfectly adapted to your body shape. The basic adjustment of the seat with eight strong tension straps remains unaffected by this. This basic fit is, similar to the ErgoMesh seat from the German manufacturer, which has been tried and tested for years, literally strapped down before the ride.

Numerous extras and additional functions

The claim “Premium” is underlined by the ErgoMesh Premium‘s numerous extras and practical additional functions with which the developers have equipped the seat. Two integrated but detachable pockets made of very strong, water-repellent Cordura® together offer almost three litres of storage space. The left pocket has a large-mesh mesh insert on the outside. It is thus prepared to accommodate the rain cover that matches the seat and starts to dry while you continue your journey.

The ErgoMesh Premium is mounted with the proven three-point mounting system from HP Veloechnik: adjust the seat, close three quick release skewers – done. As the mounting is the same as for the simple mesh seat ErgoMesh and the BodyLink hard-shell seat, the seats can be exchanged as desired. New and very advantageous for transport, however, is the upper seat panel of the ErgoMesh Premium: the component with the characteristic long slots can be folded away. In combination with the Seat-O-Flex technology, this allows a very flat shape for transport by train, or car.

Like the other two seats from the recumbent manufacturer, a headrest can be mounted on the ErgoMesh Premium. In addition to the reflective strips as integrated safety elements, there are prepared mounting possibilities for pennants and tail light.

The ErgoMesh Premium seat will be available in January 2021. In addition to the normal version, it is also available in XL as well as in an HS version (eleven centimetres higher seating position). The ErgoMesh Premium can be ordered instead of the standard seat ErgoMesh for all models of the Scorpion series as well as for Streetmachine Gte and Speedmachine at an extra charge of 199,– Euro / US$ 219 (RRP) or as a retrofit item for 599,– Euro / US$ 719 (RRP).

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