PDF for download: Press release HP Velotechnik halves packaging waste (2,3 MB; December 16, 2019)

HP Velotechnik halves packaging waste

Trikes of the German recumbent manufactory are now going folded on their travels


Kriftel. The whole world is packing for Christmas. HP Velotechnik is making room for those packages so that they arrive on time! HP Velotechnik now ships its trikes in boxes that are only half the size they used to be. The reason for the long-prepared changeover in the shipping department, however, is not the concern about the loading capacities of the logisticians, explains Managing Director Daniel Pulvermüller with a smile. Rather, HP Velotechnik had to create space in the warehouse for their new series of Special Edition models. Thanks to the foldability of our trikes, the old, large boxes (210 x 98 x 67 centimeters) are now replaced with boxes measuring only 115 x 90 x 75 centimeters. These boxes are then attached to returnable Euro pallets.

The background: In contrast to the conventional custom specification design with several weeks of delivery time, the six Scorpion models of the Special Edition series will be “ready-to-ship” to the dealers at the beginning of January, prepared to ride and fully equipped. “In order to have enough trikes in stock, we had to change our previous packaging method from boxes the size of a one apartment,” says Pulvermüller, who is responsible for production and and logistics at the recumbent bike manufacturer. The fact that further positive effects are achieved as a result of this is a fourfold satisfaction for the managing director: “By halving packaging waste, we protect the environment, we save costs, the cartons can be stacked by one person and, finally, we reduce the risk of transport damage by using pallets.”

Almost all other trikes from Kriftel will also be shipped in these space saving boxes from now on. Almost – because HP Velotechnik can only supply the “half portions” for those Scorpions and Gekkos that are suitable for this purpose due to their patented folding hinge. “So far, only the owners of the trikes have benefited from folding, for example when they wanted to load them into the car or take them with them on the train,” explains Paul Hollants, Pulvermüller’s partner: “Earlier attempts to deliver the room-filling tricycles folded to the specialist dealers were not convincing.” Thanks to new packaging materials and successful adaptation, the trikes could now be delivered in a compact fashion.