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How you sit is how you cycle

HP Velotechnik makes premium ergonomics the standard: Completely redesigned ErgoMesh seat for all Scorpion trikes and single-track recumbent bikes


Friedrichshafen. With the completely redesigned ErgoMesh mesh seat, premium ergonomics on recumbents will become standard commencing in the 2022 season. Thanks to the innovative OrthoFlex® technology from  the recumbent manufacturer HP Velotechnik, the shape of the seats can be precisely adjusted to completely different body sizes and statures in a matter of seconds. The new seat can be seen at the Eurobike trade fair in  Friedrichshafen from September 1 to 4 at the HP Velotechnik booth (B1-100).

Liegerad-Netzsitz ErgoMesh neu auf Dreirad Scorpion fx

The ErgoMesh seat is built on a high-strength aluminum frame that is shaped to fit the body for good back support. Seven tension straps and four OrthoFlex® elements are used for individual adjustment. These highly breathable cushion wedges made of open-pored polyurethane material are inserted into the side of the seat cover. The four pockets prepared for insertion offer plenty of scope for precise shaping in the backrest and seat area. This provides the pilot with maximum support in the seat.

The washable seat cover of the ErgoMesh has a two-layer structure. The designers have chosen a highly air-permeable mesh fabric as the base material. In combination with the broad tension straps, it has the right level of  elasticity to prevent bruising from your belt or thick clothing seams. On top of this is a 3D knitted fabric that gives the seat its distinctive look. The abrasion-resistant padding material wicks away perspiration and is therefore used on the main contact areas. Its contours define the areas into which the four OrthoFlex® wedges can be inserted from the side. In combination with the discreet blue contrasting topstitching, the cut of the 3D mesh gives the seat a sporty, dynamic look.

Liegerad-Netzsitz ErgoMesh Zubehör Taschen Addon Bag

The ErgoMesh has an integrated zipper pocket. Placed on the upper edge of the backrest, keys and (very) small belongings fit in to that pocket – or even a rain cover for the seat. For more storage space, the optional Add-on bag accessory is available, a set of pockets that attaches to the back with Velcro and a buckle.

The ErgoMesh is mounted using HP Velotechnik’s tried-and-tested three-point mount: adjust the seat, close three quick-releases – done. Since the mount is the same as on the top-of-the-line ErgoMesh Premium as well as  the BodyLink hard shell seat, the seats can be interchanged at will. As with these other two seats, a headrest can also be fitted to the ErgoMesh. In addition to the reflective strips as integrated safety elements, there are also  prepared mounts for flags and tail lights.

With the new ErgoMesh seat, the recumbent manufacturer transfers technology from the high-end ErgoMesh Premium mesh seat to the standard seats on its bikes. The new mesh seat is used on the Scorpion trikes, as well as on the single-track recumbents from HP Velotechnik (Streetmachine Gte, Speedmachine, Grasshopper fx). Parallel to the new design of the ErgoMesh, selected comfort elements were also transferred to the seats of the Gekko: The entry-level trike from the German manufacturer features a seat that is integrated into the foldable frame construction.

The comfort offensive underlines the innovative strength of the special bike manufacturer in an area that is a unique selling point of the recumbent bike genre: perfect ergonomic adaptation to very different riders is the be-all and end-all for turning the typical large-area seat constructions into oases of well-being.

The ErgoMesh seat will be available from specialist dealers beginning November 2021 either as a standard seat on a new bike or as a conversion option for 399 Euros ($ 499). In addition to the normal version, it will also be offered in a wider XL version as well as in an HS version with an eleven-centimeter raised seating position.

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