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Gekko: HP Velotechnik's new entry level recumbent trike (1,890 EUR) can be stowed in 60 seconds

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Eurobike Award for HP Velotechnik Gekko trike Due to its innovative frame concept the Gekko trike can be taken apart in only 60 seconds. It combines the comfortable recumbent posture with reduced design. Its seat is breathable, angle adjustable and foldable. Two front wheels stabilize its roadability and brake performance. The Aluminum frame provides a low weight from 34 lbs / 15,4 kg. Max load 286 lbs / 130 kg. Touring equipment and E-motor available. 10 years warranty.

The Gekko trike was awarded with the Eurobike Award for it's particularly innovative design and outstanding product quality.

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The agile, compact collapsible "Gekko" touring trike by recumbent manufacturer HP Velotechnik has a sporty frame geometry and promises to provide lots of recumbent fun with its streamlined, relaxed, reclined seat position on an ergonomic, well-ventilated seat.

The Gekko can be broken down for transport in just one minute to a space saving 103 x 58 x 83 cm. After removing the front wheels, which are equipped with HP Velotechnik quick release axles, the packing size is reduced to 110 x 52 x 73 cm.

At the Eurobike show, the Gekko trike will be awarded with the Eurobike Award for it's particularly innovative design and outstanding product quality.

"The new Gekko combines modern recumbent technology with a clean, minimalist design and easy handling," says development engineer Daniel Pulvermüller of HP Velotechnik's new bicycle concept. The rigid frame made of high strength 7005 aluminum tubing accounts for the tricycle's very low weight at 15.4 kg and its weight capacity of 130 kg with 25 kg supported on the rack. HP Velotechnik's construction with two wide-spaced front wheels and a balanced center of gravity at 35 cm high with an adjustable recumbent seat angle allows for a particularly stable position for road holding, precise steering response, and good visibility in traffic.

For those seeking built-in tailwinds, HP Velotechnik offers two different electric assist systems for the Gekko e-trike that supports the rider up to 25 km/hr. For the price conscious e-Triker, the best option is the BionX 26V drive with 25 Nm peak torque and 250 Wh LiMn battery for a range of up to 65 km. For demanding cyclists, the new electric BionX 48V system (PL 250HT SL XL) weighs the same as the 26V system with 40 Nm peak torque, a 105 km range, and a 423 Wh LiMn battery. The gearless motor provides up to three times the pedal power via electric assistance. HP Velotechnik pre-installs the system with a pressure switch starter and programming adapted for recumbent use. Both systems employ regenerative braking. The batteries require 3 hours of charge time when plugged in and are easy on the wallet at 12 cents per charge.

HP Velotechnik Managing Director Paul Hollants states the recumbent trike is the ideal partner for an electric drive: "The e-trike is the most streamlined and, at the same time, provides a much more comfortable position for much lower drag when compared to conventional, upright electric bikes. Especially with the usual pedelec's higher speeds of 25 km/hr on the e-trike via good aerodynamics, the battery energy is used more efficiently for the benefit of greater range. The motor and battery can be mounted on our trike frame with a favorable center of gravity behind the rider without negatively impacting the ride dynamics. And even if the battery runs out: The Gekko trike allows you to conquer hills slowly without falling over, unlike on two wheeled bicycles!"

With a price starting from 1,890 EURO, the Gekko is currently the most economic in the growing compact touring recumbent trike market to which a large selection of equipment, brakes, and accessories can be added. HP Velotechnik offers a 10 year warranty on the frame which is adjustable for heights from 1.60 to 2.00 meters. Color: impact resistant power coating in magma red, deep blue, or custom color as desired. The new Gekko will be available from dealers in Spring 2012.

Info at or telephone 06192-979920.

HP Velotechnik at Eurobike: Stand FW-300 in the West Foyer and FGO-321 electric bike at the test track / Outdoor East. Visitors can test many HP Velotechnik recumbent bikes and trikes at the recumbent test course at the front of the west entrance.

Many thanks to Travis of for his english translation!

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