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Welcome to HP Velotechnik recumbents!

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride - recumbents and trikes are the perfect form of transportation for active people. At HP Velotechnik we have been working since 1993 on creating the best range of recumbent bicycles and accessories you can buy. We welcome you to take a look at the details on the following pages. Price lists and dealer information are available in the "Shopping" section.

What's new?

  • Welcome back!

    The speedo showed exactly 53.997 kilometers as Michel Leisner came to visit our factory in Kriftel a couple of days ago. This impressive distance was done by him during 2 yeas and 8 month on his trip all around the world. On his way: 32 countries and a lot of impressing encounters. His faithful companion on this mega-tour: a Streetmachine Gte by HP Velotechnik. Read more about what the 25 year old guy from Würzburg witnessed and what the local media wrote his Coming home (in German). Or have a look on his Facebook-account with lots of impressive pictures.

  • Recumbent of the Year Top Award for the Scorpion fs 26 – That is called a perfect start into the New Year: The leading US-recumbent online magazine "BentRider online" elected Scorpion fs 26 as "2013 Recumbent of the Year"! The top model from our German manufacture achieved an outstanding result: four out of the seven available votes were given to this fully-suspended recumbent trike!

    This unique and outstanding result makes the entire HP Velotechnik team feel very proud. Sincere thanks to all voters for their great support and their overwhelming feedback!

    Kudos to the "BentRiders" readers! Despite an excellent choice of nominees the "fs 26" ruled the reader voting netting almost 50% of the tally. "Voters said they loved the Scorpion for its super smooth ride, rock solid build quality and great handling" the readers opinion has been resumed by the editors.

    Scorpion fs 26

    In addition to the very clear statement of the customers US bicycle dealers proclaimed their passion fort he Scorpion fs 26 giving two out of two votes. Finally, the 4th vote has been achieved through external bicycle-journalist.

    The overwhelming result is completed by the editors comment stating: "Its not hard to see why it has won the award. The fs 26 is available in several flavors to satisfy almost any taste." Even the basic model is "very impressively equipped" and "theres an off-road version called the Enduro and a Pedelec version with an extremely well-integrated electric assist", too.

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