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Our Helpers

Continue riding where you can no longer keep going

You do not want to be restricted by physical restrictions and want to maintain or regain your mobility and quality of life. Our helpers will be happy to support you in simply continuing where you can no longer keep going.

A high and slightly more upright seating position makes it easier to get on and off the vehicle and provides a good overview of the traffic situation. Thanks to a comparatively low bottom bracket, you can ride relaxed and easily even with little force in your legs. On the ErgoMesh HS plus seat, which is 11 centimetres higher than the regular ErgoMesh, you sit almost as high as on a normal chair – only more comfortable, and on both seat models you can also opt for XL extra width.

As small helpers with a big effect, our extensive rehabilitation and comfort options allow you to tailor your cycle to your special needs. The range goes from various Ergo pedals to hand rests and securely supporting seat belts up to brackets for walking aids. Handicaps are therefore no longer an obstacle, you will rather enjoy a completely new experience of autonomy and driving pleasure.

The large assortment of shifting options also makes it possible to respond to individual limitations. For example, the bar end levers of the Tripleshift 27 may still be operated when the manual power is no longer sufficient for the twist grips of the Tripleshift 24 basic gearing. In many cases, the muscle power is only available on one side, for example after a stroke. With only one hand, the twist grip of the Rohloff and Pinion transmissions can be operated.

In addition, we offer one-hand operation for brakes and drivetrain for as many of our systems as possible. This is also available for our electric drives. The STEPS system from Shimano is also available in a version where an automatic hub takes over the entire shifting process. Our Go SwissDrive hub motor can be programmed to compensate for uneven leg forces and like the neodrives Z20 has a reverse gear for easier manoeuvring on the trike.

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