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Recumbent seats overview

BodyLink hard shell seat

ErgoMesh recumbent seat

Integrated seat Gekko series

OrthoFlex mesh seat

Recumbent bike HP Velotechnik Speedmachine at Lago di Garda, Italy

Laid-back comfort: ErgoMesh
the breathable mesh seat in two sizes and at two heights

The relaxed feel of the comfortably reclined position is an important benefit of your HP Velotechnik trike. The seat position has more of an impact on how your ride feels than any other component. In addition to your preferred seat type of either a rigid BodyLink hard shell seat or an airy ErgoMesh seat, your bike's or trike's character is predominantly determined by the seat height. As with a sports car, a low seat allows a sporty, dynamic ride with maximum tipping stability. A high seat helps you get on and off the trike easily and provides a clear view in traffic. In return, with a higher seat position, a more moderate speed must be maintained on tight bends.

The ErgoMesh HS plus seat is positioned 11 cm (4.3") higher than the ErgoMesh seat and a whole 14 cm (5.5") higher than the BodyLink hard shell seat. Both ErgoMesh seat versions incorporate a stable aluminum frame, which is anatomically designed for ergonomic back support. The highly breathable seat fabric can also be adjusted to your back shape using a number of wide tightening straps. It has the right level of elasticity to prevent bruising from your belt or thick clothing seams.

HP Velotechnik has equipped the washable seat cover with breathable side padding that provides excellent side support against the lateral forces experienced by trike riders. A removable, waterproof seat cushion increases the sitting comfort for your buttocks.

A head rest with adjustable height and angle can be attached as an accessory. The seat has a practical zipper pocket in the back rest, in which the optional rain cover can also be stored. The back rest also has a installation hole for the for a safety flag. Reflective strips on the sides make you more visible in the dark.

Various seat heights of the Scorpion fx as an example

Change your level more often! The anatomically refined seat systems from HP Velotechnik can be removed in 15 seconds using the quick release levers, making them wonderfully interchangeable.

When attached to HP Velotechnik's highest trike, the foldable Scorpion plus, the ErgoMesh HS plus seat has a seat height of 57 cm (22.5") – higher than your office chair! When traveling home in traffic with the ErgoMesh HS plus seat, you sit comfortably at eye height with car drivers. When taking your trike out for a sporty ride on the weekend, switching to a lower seat offers you less air resistance, an efficient use of pedaling force, and maximum stability when cornering quickly. The long handlebars with an 8 cm (3") higher grip position are needed for the higher ErgoMesh HS plus seat and also ideal for shorter riders using the low seats.

Big is beautiful: The 38 cm (15") wide ErgoMesh seat is also available as an ErgoMesh XL or HS XL seat with a width of 43 cm (17"), a 5 cm (2") longer seat pan and 4 cm (1.6") higher back rest.

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