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The new BodyLink® seat
Flexible ergonomics

Imagine you get off your bike after a long sporty riding day and the only ache you're feeling is a tingling in your thighs. You can simply relax without an aching bottom, numb private parts, aching intervertebral discs or a stiff neck.

This ergonomic seating luxury is possible with the comfortable BodyLink seat from HP Velotechnik. On a conventional bike saddle your entire body weight rests on a verry small area. Recumbent bikes offer a considerably larger seating area. However, the seats that have been in use to this day forced the back into a rigid shape or did not give a defined ergonomic position of the lumbar support.

The new BodyLink seat adjusts to the natural S-shape of the spine: the combination of a rigid anatomically shaped seat base and a slightly curved back rest with a flexible intermediate section offers the rider perfect support over a large area.

The height of the front seat edge and the lumbar support easily adjusts with a quick release lever. The same goes for the back rest: in the city you will prefer an upright position for a good overall view, on a country road you can sit comfortably reclined and take full advantage of your recumbent’s excellent aerodynamics. The innovative design with the semi-flexible seat has received design protection from the German patent office.

Get comfortable now: Your HP Velotechnik-Dealer welcomes you to experience a new class of ergonomics now.

BodyLink seat for recumbent bikes

The anatomically shaped seat base and seat back can be seperately adjusted with quick release levers. The flexible link gives good lumbar support. The length of the seat can be adjusted after loosening the 4 screws in the seat back.

BodyLink seat for recumbent bikes

New for 2007: The seat can be easily detached with quick release mounts - perfect for transportation of the Speedmachine inside your car. Height without seat: rear 740 mm, front 840 mm (under seat steering)

flexible ergonomics

When riding in the recumbent position, the pressure of the vertebrae discs inside your spine reduces dramatically to only 1/3 of the pressure when riding bent forward. The active riding position strengthens your back muscles. Prof. Porst suggests to ride recumbent to avoids numbness in your private parts: "This vehicle has all advantages of a conventional bike with the additional benefit that it does not restrict the blood flow in your private parts."

Good ventilation with the optional Airflow-cushion

Good ventilation with the optional Airflow-cushion. The breathable mesh fabric is combined with a comfortable cushion. Air flows through large openings in the spine channel.

optional headrest

Increase your comfort on long rides: The optional headrest supports your neck and head when leaning back.

The BodyLink seat ist fully adjustable

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