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Caution, this bike is no longer available: The Street Machine Gt recumbent with steel frame and rigid seat has been replaced by the Street Machine Gte. These pages are only online for archive purposes.

Street Machine Gt FAQ - Frequently asked questions

On our website you can find comprehensive information on recumbents. Especially the Details page contains specific information about the technical innovations of the Street Machine Gt.

On this page you'll find short answers to frequently asked questions, focussing on the more product specific issues. General questions about riding recumbents are answered in our Recumbent-FAQ.

You'll find extensive technical information in the Street Machine Gt manual available in our download section.

If, in spite of our efforts to make the website easy to navigate, you don't find the information you're looking for, our search engine may help.

"Is the chainring guard on the Street Machine Gt standard equipment?"
Yes, the front chainring protector is an essential safety accessory. It consists of a specially designed aluminium plate which is mounted behind the bottom bracket and serves the purpose of preventing unnecessary injury or damage to other road users in the event of a collision. Therefore, it is a requirement at most race meetings.It will also protect your chainring from damage when manoeuvring it in the bike shed. The chainring protector comes standard with complete bikes as well as with our framekits. You can also order it separately, it is listed in our price list..

"Does the frame accept most brands of Disk Brakes, or only the Magura Brakes as used on the complete bike?"
The frame comes with disc brake mounts according to the "International standard 2000", so you can mount all disc brakes that meet that standard, like Shimano, Magura and Tektro. The rear frame is equipped both with cantilever brake mounts as well as with disc brake mounts. Both our Meks Carbon suspension forks come with disc brake mounts, too.

"What is the maximum tire width that can be used?"
The front fork allows for tires up to 50 mm (2") width. The rear frame allows for tires up to 50 mm (2") width. We use the Swallow Marathon Racer tires with 40 mm width, well-known for their endurance and good grip.

"Is the Street Machine manual also available in English?"
Yes, you can download the english manual in our Service section. In the manual, you will find important security notes as well as setup and maintenance tips. Please contact your dealer if you have any questions on how to setup or service your Street Machine Gt.

"Can I register online for the extended 10-year-warranty?"
Currently, you can only register by snail mail with the registration form that was provided with your new bike. We offer you as original purchaser a extended 10-year warranty, if you register with us within 4 weeks after you bought your new bike. (The detailed warranty conditions are listed in your recumbent's manual).

"What is the maximum load of the Street Machine Gt?"
The maximum load of the Street Machine Gt is 120 kg (264 lbs). The maximum total weight of rider, luggage and bike is 140 kg (308 lbs). You may attach a trailer with a maximum total weight of 30 kg (66 lbs) as long as the total weight of the loaded trailer and the loaded bike does not exceed 140 kg (308 lbs). Make sure the trailer is suitable for bikes with rear suspension.

"How can I transport my bike with my car?"
The best way of transporting your bicycle is inside the car. See that it does not lie on the derailleur.

If you want to transport it outside the car we recommend a roof-rack or a rear carrier. Take care to fasten your bicycle at the frame. You will need a lagre clamp that clamps to the main tube with 2" diameter.

Caution! Do not fasten your bicycle at the handlebar or, with disassembled wheels, at the dropouts. The wind causes violent forces that can stress the parts and therefore may cause damage. Such a damage may not be noticed immediately.

Please remove any part that could come loose during transport (seat cushion, water bottles, luggage bags, pumps, pennants, etc.).

"How can I mount a water bottle cage at the seat?"
You can mount a water bottle cage at the side of the seat or at the front derailleur tube. The derailleur tube at the front of the frame comes already with threading inserts for that purpose. You can mount a water bottle cage at the left or right side of the seat so that you can comfortably reach it while riding. For that purpose you can drill two holes into the outmost edge of the seat.

When installing a water bottle cage, please take care of the following:

  1. Drill the hole at least 1 cm from the edge of the seat.
  2. Maximum diameter of the holes must be 5 mm.
  3. The holes must be covered with big (outer dia min 18 mm) washers on both sides.
  4. Bend the bottle cage outwards before installing.
  5. Only use soft plastic water bottles, no metal bottles allowed. Hard bottles may destroy the seat when rubbing against it.

Caution! Do not make any holes into other seat areas than those indicated above. It is especially important not to damage the reinforcing ribs.

Another useful alternative to water bottles are systems with a "water bag" and a drinking hose, e. g. from Source or Camelbag. You can simply strap them behind the seat, onto the rear rack or into the Speedbag.

"Can I use a trailer with my Street Machine Gt?"
You are allowed to use trailers (single or double trail) up to 30 kg (68 lbs) with the Street Machine GT. We recommend you to assemble it with the Weber-coupling Type E. Always check that the suspension and the trailer still work properly after you have mounted the trailer. Take care that the trailer does not damage the frame in case the bicycle falls over.

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