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Scorpion trike. HP Velotechnik's comfortable and fast recumbent trike.

Fahrvergnügen guaranteed.
Scorpion. The fast touring trike from HP Velotechnik.

Sometimes, German engineers can get surprisingly excited. It is those special moments, when nature and advanced technology come together, such as when our development engineer Daniel Pulvermüller takes the new Scorpion trike out on a test ride. While he concentrates on checking the Scorpion's great road holding, rapid suspension action and tight turning circle, the broad grin on his face reveals better then any measuring instrument: yes, it does have plenty of Fahrvergnügen!

Of course it is not only the thrilling ride that sets our new Scorpion trike apart. When we decided to bring HP Velotechnik's recumbent innovations and renown build quality to the trike world, it was a logical step: we combined our famous adjustable BodyLink seat ("...the seat that fits your body like a glove") with our sophisticated suspension system and an extremely stiff, lightweight, heat treated aluminium frame. The cross member is bent up and forward to meet the sturdy wheels up front, giving a long wheelbase for safe braking, easy access to the seat and avoiding heel interference for smaller riders.

Scorpion Dreirad

Obviously, the most fun a trike designer can have is to create the steering geometry so that the trike handles precisely and reliably especially when fully loaded - we'll spare you the details by not explaining why our steering is just not exactly centre-point and why we deviate from the so beloved Ackermann compensation. (Too much engineering fame for a British antiques merchant, anyway.)

Our suspension system is fully integrated into the frame design and isolates your body from road vibration. It is fully tuneable for performance and works completely independently of your pedalling force. We call this No Squat design, and it is a system that has been perfected over thousands of miles of extreme roads by our team of test riders. What it means is, if you accelerate uphill, you accelerate.

We haven't neglected the accessories either. We can offer an integrated, suspended luggage rack that actually deserves its name by carrying 56lbs of your equipment, proper mudguards and our practical front fairing Streamer. Of course it is the technical details that make the difference, and in this area our experience is second to none. We made our first tricycle with full suspension back in 1991. Since then we have focussed on two-wheelers and our Street Machine has become the most successful touring recumbent on this planet. Our customers have taken our bikes to every corner of the world and they have provided us with invaluable development feedback. Now, our new Scorpion trike combines long distance riding comfort with incredible performance.

Scorpion trike. Das schnelle Liege-Dreirad von HP Velotechnik.

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