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Grasshopper fx. The foldable touring recumbent made by HP Velotechnik.

Small Package. Great ride!
Grasshopper fx – the foldable touring recumbent by HP Velotechnik.

Time for refreshing new aspects. The Grasshopper fx brings action into the cycle world. For a long time bike riding meant one thing: hump up and step downwards. The Grasshopper fx accelerates forward, suspends downwards – and folds to the side.

On the train, in the car or at home HP Velotechnik's new touring recumbent likes it small. With a packing dimension from 96 × 50 × 70 cm and a weight starting from 15,2 kg the rapidly folded bike easliy finds it's shelter. Unfolded on tour the Grasshopper fx is pure riding pleasure.

Grasshopper fx with Above Seat Steering and BodyLink-seat Large picture: Grasshopper fx with Above seat steering and BodyLink seat(1098 kb)

You do not want to miss out. Who likes riding upright against the wind, anyway? Your Grasshopper fx glides smoothly like an arrow on the street. Off-road the 110 mm suspension travel handles roughnesses with ease.

Take a comfy seat on the airy ErgoMesh-Netseat or the fully adjustable BodyLink seat. This one is good for your bottom, your intervertebral discs and your family planning. Flexible like your life it gives a pleasant support for dynamic sprints.

folding recumbent Grasshopper fx with ErgoMesh seat Large picture: Grasshopper fx with Above Seat Steering and ErgoMesh seat (1150 kb)

Grasshopper's biology

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