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HP Velotechnik Scorpion with E-Drive Shimano STEPS

Shimano STEPS with automatic shifting:
The carefree solution for long lasting enjoyment on your way.

Simple operation is the first priority for the highly integrated Shimano STEPS System. This means that you do not have to think about where or when to shift since the 8 speed electronic Di2 internally geared hub automatically shifts for you.

The system chooses the most efficient gear depending upon how fast you are riding, how quickly, and how powerfully you are pedaling. This ensures an optimal cadence in hilly terrain and by slower speeds, the motor is protected from overheating. Comfort Plus: The system shifts to a lower gear when stopping and ensures, that the perfect gear is selected once you start again. A smooth gear shift is possible since the system removes a bit of power as the gear changes giving a comfortable power transmission.

Automatic gear hub Shimano Nexus Di2

The advantage of the congenial combination of our stable Comfort-Trikes and an automatic shifting then becomes obvious.This carefree solution allows you to concentrate on the traffic or take some time to enjoy the panorama view from the recumbents' seat.

HP Velotechnik Scorpion - front boom with E-Drive Shimano STEPS

The position of the motor is unconventional for a trike. The bottom bracket is in the front, which is standard by all HP Velotechnik trikes. Up until now, there was no practical method to incorporate a heavy motor in the boom. The high torque and the small chainring would have transmitted to much torque to the frame. STEPS is different: The larger chainring (44T) is perfect for trikes and gives the system a low silhouette which integrates itself nicely to the design of the Scorpions. The chainring is covered which allows you to arrive with clean pant legs.

HP Velotechnik Scorpion - battery for E-Drive Shimano STEPS

With a range of up to 125 km (77 miles), the STEPS System presents a powerful result of the efficient energy management of the 415 Wh lithium battery. The EC-E6000 charger recharges an empty battery to 80% capacity in just two hours. Removing the battery is as easy as moving it sideways. Replacing it is just as easy with no cables to deal with. Once you have reached your "parking spot", you can even recharge the battery without removing it from the trike.

Display and remote control Shimano STEPS

The simple, contrast-rich, black and white display is easy to read in almost all lighting situations. The lighting switch is ergonomically integrated into the display: If you decide for our battery lighting system, simply press the light button to turn the front and rear lights on.

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