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Press room - VELOVISION 09/2005

HP Velotechnik in the news: the following text is an excerpt from the magazine VELOVISION, issue 09/2005. We recommend to order the complete magazine from the publishing house to read the whole story.


Scorpion gets set

The big news at the SPEZI show (see last issue) was the prototype trike from German recumbent manufacture HP Velotechnik. Now we have details of the production machine, to be called the Scorpion.

The trike is initially being offered as a suspended touring vehicle with the Body-Link adjustable hard-shell seat, Avid disk brakes and SRAM DualDrive transmission as standard, although the press release seemed carefully worded to allow them to introduce different models later! Perhaps a mesh seat version is the most likely development.

The Scorpion, which is to be available from late November this year, also has a suspended carrier rack for 25 kg of luggage. Weight is very reasonable for a trike with touring equipment at 15.9 kg. Seat angle is adjustable from 33 to 42 degrees, and the Body-Link seat means that you can also adjust back lenth.

One interesting feature is the rear rack, apparently 'optimised to withstand the lateral forces of tricycle use'. It offers an extra support bar so that you can hang panniers lower, dropping the center of gravity and making the vehicle more stable. The Scorpion is rated to tow both one or two-wheel trailers. Options include Rohloff gears, Streamer fairing and a parking barke.

The Scorpion will cost from 2.490 Euros, and will be available via dealers.

Also new from HP Velotechnik is a 'Randonneur' version of their Speedmachine semi-low-racer recumbent. With a slightly higher seat height, space for four panniers and the option for under-seat steering it is said to combine speed with comfort. The steering geometry has also been tweaked to promote stable straight-line handling with luggage. Weight is quoted at 14.5 kg, and it should be available from October this year.

The Randonneur will be available from 2.290 Euros via dealers.

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