NEW: Delta tx – The Lightest Entry Into the Trike Class.

With our new Delta tx we make safe cycling easier than ever before! In order to make the bike particularly inviting, comfortable and safe for the target group, we are relying for the first time in our 30-year company history on a design with two wheels at the rear and one wheel at the front. With this, HP Velotechnik underlines that we undogmatically implement the right recumbent concept for the different usage requirements of your customers.

Händlernews 2306 DET 1

The comfort of the Delta tx starts with getting on the bike: The high seating position and the low, suspended frame make it easy to get on. Thanks to the variable HP Velotechnik mesh seats (ErgoMesh or optional ErgoMesh Premium, each in all heights and widths), your customers will quickly find their premium position and enjoy the best overview in traffic, a secure footing at all times when stopping at traffic lights and the fabulous panoramic view.

The controls on the classic chopper handlebars of the Delta tx, whose position can be individually adjusted by the adjustable stem, are ergonomically arranged and always in sight. This makes steering, shifting gears and braking easy and intuitive. All Delta tx trikes are equipped with a pedelec system including a starting aid for speeds up to 6 km/h (4 mph).

Exklusively Available With Bafang Motor

For the first time, we also offer a motion-controlled Bafang motor exclusively for the Delta tx. For your customers, this means motor assistance independent of pedal power. Especially with low leg strength, this is a decisive advantage for well-being on the bike.

To meet the different shifting needs of your customers, we offer a wide range of shifting options, from the classic derailleur and hub gears (Sram X4 and Rohloff Speedhub), to automatic systems that are either derailleur (Shimano Cues Di2) or hub gears (Shimano Nexus Di2 and Enviolo Trekking Automatiq).

Separable Lightweight

But it is not only the equipment options and motorisation that are impressive. The well thought-out frame design with the comfortably suspended rear end ensures superior riding characteristics with high tipping stability. The seat is positioned between the rear wheels with a favourable centre of gravity. The low position of the motor, battery and the generously dimensioned luggage basket also ensure safe road holding.Händlernews 2306 DET 2

There is a lightweight reason for the good-natured handling: the Delta tx with its stable and separable aluminium frame weighs only 32 kg (70 lbs) in the lightest version. Händlernews 2306 DET 3This puts it at the absolute top of this motorised tricycle class.

The Delta tx, which can be pre-ordered now, is available in the colours Blue Flash and Sparkling Iron Gray from MSRP 5.990 €. The first delivery will take place at the beginning of 2024.

We also offer the new Delta tx as a fully equipped Special Edition model based on the Bafang M300 motor and Enviolo Trekking Automatiq hub and can also be ordered as part of your pre-order.

In line with the market launch, we offer a clear individual brochure for the Delta tx.