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recumbent Streetmachine Gte

recumbent Streetmachine Gte recumbent bike

recumbent Streetmachine Gte

All your luggage rides fully suspended. Our robust rear rack gives plenty of space. The long side bows assure a secure position for your bags. Integrated protection for your rear light. Our Moonbiker recumbent bags are a perfect addition, designed and reinforeced for our rear racks.

recumbent Streetmachine seat

The Streetmachine Gte is equipped with the comfortable BodyLink seat. It fits your body like a glove. Seat base angle, seat back angle and length are fully adjustable. Optional headrest and airflow seat cushion for optimum ventilation available.

recumbent Streetmachine seat

Alternatively, you can mount our breathable ErgoMesh seat. It comes with an ergonomic side cushioning and a practical seat pocket integrated into the back rest of the seat. For extra safety is is equipped with reflective stripes on its sides. Both seats fit onto the same frame mounts and can be removed from the bike within 15 seconds by qick release mounts - this comes extra handy when parking the bike in the rain or for transport in your car.

Untenlenker an der Streetmachine Gte

The cockpit: comfortable ergobars for the under seat steering. Your hands, wrists and neck can relax. The direct connection to the front wheel allows for precise steering. The standard handlebars are 60 cm wirde and their ends are slightly bent forward. As an option, you can order your bike with extra wide (65 cm) handlebars with straight ends. The extra wide handle bars allow for a tighter turning circle, however, the wide arm position slightly increases the aerodynamic drag on your bike. If you choose to order your Streetmachine Gte with our ErgoMesh seat, we will allways mount the extra wide handlebars.

Streetmachine Gte klappbarer Obenlenker

Above seat steering with the foldable Terracycle Glideflex stem for great aerodynamics. Brake levers and shifters are always at hand.

Streetmachine Gte Tretlagerausleger

Protection for the chain and your trousers; the drivetrain is almost completely covered. Our special low friction chain tubes guarantee an efficient power transmission and minimize noise.

Federgabel Liegerad Streetmachine Gte

HP Velotechnik uses comfortable recumbent suspension forks. Even the standard Spinner Grind2 allows to mount disc brakes. They guarantee incredible braking performance when going downhill.

Liegerad Streetmachine Gte Lowrider Träger unter dem Sitz

Perfect for heavy loads: Additional lowrider rack under the seat. The low center of gravity gives great road handling.

Federung der Streetmachine Gte mit No Squat Design

Our No-Squat suspension design offers complete comfort with no performance loss. When you push on the pedals all your energy is transferred into motion. The optional super light air shock from DT-Swiss can be easily adjusted to load changes with an air pump.

Liegerad Streetmachine Gte Hinterbau für Anhängerbefestigung

Suitable for trailers (single or multi track) of up to 88 lbs weight.

Power assist system GO SwissDrive

You can choose from two electrical assists. Both GO SwissDrive G45 250 W and BionX PL250M support your pedaling up to 25 km/h. Premium assist GO SwissDrive offers five levels of support. It's 36 V / 12.4 Ah battery (3 hrs typical charging time) has a capacity of 446 Wh. This means a range of up to 105 km. It also has a starting aid (without pedaling) up to 6 km/h. The lower priced BionX system has four levels of support. It's 26 V / 9.6 Ah battery (5 hrs typical charging time) with 250 Wh offers a range up to 65 km. Both electrical drives can use braking enenergy for recharging and can be used in Germany without a driving license.

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