Bicycle building in times of Corona

Our factory is running! We build your bike and ship it to your dealer as usual. Here we inform you about how we stay reliable for you despite Covid-19.


Kriftel (March 20, 2020, 12:30 pm local time). At different times it would certainly not be an issue to talk about work processes and structures in a company – but Corona changes everything. We at HP Velotechnik also had to react to this completely unique situation, or rather we did so a few days ago. Probably the most unusual of a whole series of measures: We have divided the workforce.

How does that work? As far as possible, we do not have a presence in the company at all. The team needed in the factory premises has been divided into two groups that have no direct contact at work or at private life for an undefined period of time.

Each of these two basic teams is fully capable of acting. For the production of our trikes and recumbent two-wheelers we have almost all parts in stock and the supply is running: Just in the middle of March a large delivery arrived and the next container ship is already on its way.

You have ordered a bike?

Is it coming later than expected? From our side, we can usually meet the planned delivery dates. Your dealer will be able to answer any questions you may have about the possibilities for delivery, depending on the current situation. You can of course ask questions conveniently by e-mail or telephone.