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Agence Future Logo Agence Future Travel log 1: Egypt

Having picked up the Street Machines from HP Velotechnik in Kriftel, we knew the time for serious test riding had arrived.

We had planned to ride in Europe for a month and then return to London to adjust our bikes and our gear to the realities of the road. But Bessaam who is Agence Future's man for the Arabic countries had a better proposition. He was going to work in Egypt and knew of cheap flights to Cairo.

Besaam suggested we join him to do at least part of the test ride in the Sinai dessert where conditions would be closer to what we should expect for the two years ahead of us. In Europe we would not have to deal with heat, language barriers or culture shock.

We realised that we were presented with a golden opportunity to find out what it would really be like on the road and got ourselves ready for Egypt.

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1.1: Egypt - Cairo

Agence Future at the pyramids Surviving in chaotic traffic and visiting the pyramids

The pyramids had to be the perfect location to take the bikes at the start of our journey. But when we arrived there, the area around the pyramids was closed off for the millennium's last performance of "Aïda". It looked like we wouldn't be getting in.

1.2: Egypt - The Sinai desert

a testride in the desert Daring the ride of 120 km through the desert.

"I am too hot. I must be mad. There is no one here, there is nothing here. I've got to get out from under that burning star above." Tears welled up and stayed with me for the whole fourth hour of the ride. Bram, worried, suggested we take a break but I could not imagine ever stopping, not before we found somewhere to cool off. I would not rest all day if necessary, not before I reached the only and ultimate goal: a spot of shade.

1.3: Egypt - Dahab

Bram under the impression of heavy trucking Visiting the egypt diving and hippie town

The place was full of people, either tourists or Egyptians on the look out for some, and every single person who saw us, followed us with his gaze, most calling out. "Hello! Bike! Where are you from? Welcome." We stopped only twice and each time people were upon us like flies on a fresh heap of camel dung.

1.4: Egypt - Talking about the future

Work in progress for the future Maya's first interviews for Agence Future on love and the influence of tourism

If you would have come here ten years ago, you would only have seen Bedouins. We used to come here with our goats, there would be fish in the sea and dates on the trees for the Bedouins. We had everything we need. In the mind we had nothing.

1.5: Egypt - People by the roads

modern transport concepts Visiting a bedouin woman's camp

An hour or so before sunset when the road had become quieter two women sitting under a small tree, spotted us. We stopped to chat with them. When a pick-up truck passed, the most talkative of the two commented: "Egyptians" and spat."

1.6: Egypt - Moonshine

finally riding downhill Priests testing the Street Machine Gt and finally riding downhill.

We stopped in front of a police camp. Thirty seconds later a pack of at least fifteen dogs came running for us barking and growling loudly. Bram spotted the hole in the fence first, quickly put his camera away and started shouting at me: "Get away, go, go, get away from here."

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