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Gekko 26

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Low price recumbent trike Gekko 26

Ready for take off:
Gekko 26 – Get started for your new Triker life!

(Please note: For the US market the Gekko 26 is part of the Gekko US edition. Please consult the referring pages.)

You want an attractive recumbent tricycle without getting into the technical details of the trike world? Then the Gekko 26 is a good choice: clear lines, raised seating position, no compromises when it comes to equipment. A great trike for small budgets!

With the Gekko 26, our engineers have fundamentally rethought the tricycle philosophy of HP Velotechnik. The aim was not only to achieve a higher seating position. Above all, our engineers wanted to implement the typical, sporty and precise driving dynamics of our Tadpole trikes with the two steered front wheels in a very price-sensitive environment. In other words: A great trike also for those who have to work on a tighter budget.

Affordable recumbent trike HP Velotechnik Gekko 26 A well thought-out renunciation: Radical thinking requires consistent concepts. Two features are the main reason why the frame construction of HP Velotechnik's trikes is very labour-intensive: First and foremost the driving characteristics, which are achieved above all by the ingenious geometry of the front wheel steering and which have a decisive influence on the driving experience. We will not change that! Thus, the Gekko 26 does without our second design refinement: the patented folding technology. In one respect, this even gives you an advantage: the strong frame can carry up to 150 kg (331 lbs), which is more payload than the foldable models.

Keep it simple: The base price for the Gekko 26 is 1,990 Euro in Germany (MSRP). In order to make the Gekko 26 a price breaker, we have limited another element of the HP Velotechnik philosophy for the Gekko 26 to essentials – our modular system. You can configure the drive train, the brake system and other technical components in several hundred thousand variants for almost all other two and three wheelers that we custom-made for you in our factory in Kriftel. The option list for the Gekko 26 is short and convincing!

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