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VSF 2022 Supplier Ranking

Every year in May, we receive highly positive news from Marburg: HP Velotechnik has succeeded once again and is one of the best three brands in the VSF dealer ranking.

Best Special Bike Manufacturer in Germany

Since 2018, our manufacture has occupied 2nd place in the average score – but this year with the small caveat that 1st place is occupied by two other manufacturers, Patria and Riese & Müller. The average of 1.93 for six relevant criteria is just 0.03 points behind the top. It is also clear that HP Velotechnik continues to be the best specialist bicycle manufacturer in Germany for the VSF experts.

Delivery Quality Suffers From Logistics Crisis

In the evaluation of the dealer association with its 230 members, we are particularly pleased that we achieve the best rating from the top trio in terms of “satisfaction with quality and pre-assembly”. What is exciting is what caused the score to drop compared to the previous year: it is the aspect of “delivery quality”. After two years of pandemic, the situation is naturally not so bright in the entire field of companies represented in the evaluation. The press office of the VSF classifies this accordingly: “Little surprising in view of the logistics crisis is the overall poorer assessment of the delivery capability in the last two years.”

Fortunately, however, the efforts of the recumbent bike manufacturer are paying off here as well, since with an overall score of 2.16, HP Velotechnik is also among the top three in this criterion with a clear margin.