Fight the packaging waste!

In the future, the trikes from Kriftel will only be on the road in boxes half the size. The trick? Quite simple: The Scorpions and Gekkos go folded on journeys.


The whole world packs Christmas parcels and sends them off quickly. So that they arrive on time … we make room in the trucks of the forwarding agencies! For this we pack the tricycles, which are equipped with our patented folding variants, in cartons, which are only half as big as before. Sounds great? It is, but to be honest: The reason for the long-prepared changeover in the shipping department is less our concern about the loading capacities of the logisticians. Rather, we have to make room ourselves! And that’s because of the sale of our new range of Special Edition trikes, which is due to start in January! The six models are basically ready for dispatch in our warehouse. It makes a difference whether the boxes measure 210 x 98 x 67 centimeters – or 115 x 90 x 75 centimeters.

Further information in the press release HP Velotechnik halves the packaging waste [in German].