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As a content provider, HP Velotechnik is responsible for the contents it provides, as defined by German laws. Our pages are intended to inform and consult without obligation. HP Velotechnik makes no warranties, expressed or implied, and assumes no liability in connection with any use of our website.

HP Velotechnik does not declare our website and its contents as appropriate, suitable and available for use outside the Federal Republic of Germany. Access to our website from foreign countries shall occur on the user's sole responsibility.

References to other Webpages (Links)

It is necessary to distinguish between our own contents and references ("Links") to contents provided by third parties. HP Velotechnik can only be held responsible for those third-party contents, if the company was made aware about the illegal nature of such contents, and if it is technically possible, and reasonably demandable to prevent usage of such contents (§5 para. 2 of the German Teledienstegesetz).

Links, however, are always "living" references to contents of a dynamic nature, which are modified continously without our knowledge. At the time a Link is established, HP Velotechnik verifies that the contents referenced by the Link comply with German laws. However, being a content provider as defined in the Teledienstegesetz, HP Velotechnik is not required to continously monitor these contents for changes which might revoke such compliance.

The pure existance of a Link on our Website shall not mean an endorsement by HP Velotechnik in favor of the service or its operator.

This page is part of our Conditions of Use.

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