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Agence Future Logo Agence Future Travel log

Agence Future's travel log is more than a roadstory. It is an account of Maya and Bram's search for futures and depicts the visions of those they meet in the next two years. They are explorers of unknown times. All this is real, not fiction but imagination.

Beyond the academic research, media investigation and the grueling test of human and machine, Agence Future is also a personal exploration of the world by two individuals.

Read up about the personal trials and tribulations of these two modern day explorers:

1: Egypt

Agence Future at the pyramids work in progress for the future a testride in the desert Through the heat of the Sinai desert.

"I am too hot. I must be mad. There is no one here, there is nothing here. I've got to get out from under that burning star above." Tears welled up and stayed with me for the whole fourth hour of the ride.

Bram, worried, suggested we take a break but I could not imagine ever stopping, not before we found somewhere to cool off. I would not rest all day if necessary, not before I reached the only and ultimate goal: a spot of shade. more...

2: Europe

Touring through Poland, the Baltics and Scandinavia crossing the polar circle Besaam racing his Speedmachine Through Germany and Poland to the North of Scandinavia.

Bram enjoyed a week of work on the bikes, turning them into veritable 'expedition-beasts' as he puts it. Meanwhile I was writing and making what seemed like an endless list of last minute arrangements.

A few month later, in Finland, we meet agents Besaam and Philipe with HP Velotechniks latest recumbents: They join us on two new Speedmachines. The three men prepare for a trek into Lapland travel to Rouvaniemie, situated exactly on the Polar circle. The next few days they concentrate on riding, sharing their first in a life time Northern Light. more...

3: Africa

Village in  Sahel sights mixing Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso and Ghana.

We crossed the border from Senegal to Mali early in the morning. Stamps and scribbles were placed into our passports and we hit our first dust track of the journey. We were enthusiastic at first, it did not seem too bad. But as the day went on, we realised how slow our progress was and how low our water supplies were getting.

We rode from Kani Kombole to Ouahigouya in Burkina Faso in two days. On the Malinese side of the border it was a tough ride over bad dust tracks. We did not stop to interview but took a forced break in the shade of a grass top roof accompanied by at least 80 villagers. more...

4: Middle East

Setting out from Budapest to Istanbul Overland to India Über Budapest und Istanbul nach Syrien, den Libanon und nach Pakistan

We found some important changes in comparison to previous legs of the fieldtrip as far as the topics covered during the interviews are concerned. Frequently issues following the events of 11th of September came into the conversations. Also, while viewpoints based on religion had already been important in West Africa (they had been almost completely absent in Europe), we found that the amount of discussion of religion increased greatly again. In Syria we could almost speak of a 'religion overdose'.

We started out with far too much kit but were able to send some back. On the road we enjoyed the hospitality and support of many people whom we are grateful now to consider part of our network. more...

5: India

Setting out from Budapest to Istanbul Overland to India Three and a half month through the south of India, Dheli and a visit to Himalaya

The border crossing from Pakistan to India went fluently with lots of smiles about our bikes from the men and women working on both sides of the frontier. After leaving the busy roads out of Lahore, the ride was relatively quite. It's not surprising of course since no Indians or Pakistani's are allowed to cross the border with tension between the two countries having risen again. The few bikes and three-wheeled motorised rickshaws that passed us constituted local traffic, piloted mostly by men in beards and colourful turbans.

On flatter terrain, the ride to Madurai was pleasant despite the scorching heat. Madurai turned out to be a friendly city that is easy to look around on foot. We visited our first Hindu temple, met the local temple elephants and went to the University of Madurai's Future Studies department. more...

Here at HP Velotechnik's website, we focus on the more bicycle-related stories, pictures and short diaries. You can read more about the scientific component of Agence Future at Agence Future's website .

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