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Press room - bikeculture 20

HP Velotechnik in the news: the following text is an excerpt from the English magazine bikeculture, issue 20. We recommend to order the complete magazine from the publishing house to read the whole story.

bikeculture 20

Mit der Streetmachine Gt neue Welten erkunden On the streets of Gizeh Egypt, pollution is so bad that "the boys were a sight to behold, dirty like chimney sweepers with ash black rings around their eyes, darker than the Bedouin's kohl. Urban pollution taken on a new meaning when you can wipe it of your face." Not an encouraging start to the researches of two Belgian students, Maya van Leemput and Brain Goots who are travelling around the world on HP Velotechnik recumbents as part of "Agence Future", an academic study of "popular and professional perspectives on the future", based at the Free University of Brussels. The idea is "to find out how men and women, young and old, rich and poor, in cities, desserts, plains or mountain regions of the world see the future". As well as gathering material for their final report, the pair are generating media reports, a weekly travelogue, a video diary and a newsletter as they travel. The Streetmachine recumbents are equipped with laptop, sound recorder, cameras, and more, and the electronics are powered by on-board battery packs charged by the hub dynamos.

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