F.A.Z. honors HP Velotechnik

Institute evaluates 440 million online sources to determine ranking of “Most Trustworthy Companies 2021”.

The F.A.Z. Institute has named HP Velotechnik and seven other bicycle manufacturers “Most Trustworthy Companies 2021”. According to the established German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, approximately 19,200 companies were examined. In the end, 1175 companies from around 350 industries received the award. Among bicycle manufacturers, the German recumbent manufacturer ranked amidst the big names such as Canyon Bicycles, Kalkhoff and vsf Fahrradmanufaktur.

Over 12 million mentions analyzed

The study, which was accompanied by the IMWF Institute for Management and Economic Research, is based on the “social listening” method. In this procedure from the Big Data field, the creators first tapped around 440 million publicly accessible online sources for “relevant search terms”. The data basis for the ranking of the “Most Trustworthy Companies” was ultimately 12.3 million mentions.

According to the study’s report, these were first dissected and then analyzed using neural networks. For the award, the sector “Trust” accounted for 50 percent. Also relevant is that the companies deliver convincing results in the five areas of profitability, management, sustainability, employer and product & service (10 percent each).

Information on the study and the methodology as well as the list of award-winning companies has been published by the F.A.Z. Institute at https://www.faz.net/asv/vertrauenswuerdige-unternehmen/ (in German).